, coconut oil relives constipation Thyroid
coconut oil relives constipation Thyroid

coconut oil relives constipation Thyroid

coconut oil relives constipation Thyroid

As said before the coconut oil makes the immunity strong therefore many things are controlled in the body due to this feature itself, but due to the lack of thyroid hormones, the body functions slows down and therefore the digestive system tends to be slower in people suffering from the thyroid than usual. The main cause behind this is underactive thyroid weakens the muscle and therefore the slow and difficult contraction does not allow the stool to pass out easily through the body. This contributes to the problem of constipation, but as the coconut oil is rich in medium-chain fatty acid it provides energy to the intestine cells and hence relief constipation.

Fights Inflammation
coconut oil fights inflammation Thyroid

Whether you consume or use the coconut oil for the external usage it always has an anti-inflammation effect. Due to lack of enough thyroid hormones formation in the human body, there is an increase in inflammation and the person suffering from hypothyroidism has the common problem of suffering from the muscle and joint pain. Coconut oil which is very rich in lauric acid has the anti-inflammatory property and helps in fighting the inflammation and treat the underactive thyroid or the hypothyroidism. Even the external, warm coconut massage helps the body to fight inflammation.

Prevents Hair Loss
coconut oil prevents hair loss Thyroid

The very common problem associated with the underactive thyroid is the hair loss which may be either your head hair or the eyebrows. The coconut oil really helps in preventing the hair loss after you consume it on a regular basis. The lauric acid found in the coconut oil binds the protein in the hair and protect the hair from breakage and baldness. It has the natural anti-oxidants and nutrients especially the Vitamin E and K which boosts the hair growth. Even the external usage of the coconut oil improves the blood circulation in the scalp and therefore prevent hair fall and also boost the growth.

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How Much of Coconut Should Be Consumed?
coconut oil for cooking Thyroid

You should include the coconut oil in your daily diet.
Replace other oil with the coconut oil
Make smoothies and consume and even you can take the coconut oil with the tea or coffee as you use the ghee.
Make sure that you are using the unrefined and unprocessed extra virgin coconut oil in your diet.
You can also take 1tsp of extra virgin coconut oil with the glass of warm milk at night before going to bed.
Hypothyroidism cannot be cured but can be controlled by taking simple measures at home!

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