, Hindu Squats Workout Routine | Best Squat Exercises
Hindu Squats Workout Routine | Best Squat Exercises

Hindu Squats Workout Routine | Best Squat Exercises

Hindu Squats Workout Routine | Best Squat Exercises

When I first read about Hindu squats, its started out with the history. To make it short it all started in India and it was one of the basic exercises of the wrestlers. Using the squat exercise to gain strength and endurance, an Indian champion named “The Great Gama” was said to never lost a match. Rumor has it that this guy did a million hindu squats a day (a little exaggeration on my part) and had legs of steel. Today’s athletes all the way down to the average joe’s who incorporates this bodyweight exercise into their routine are getting the same results. Chocobo Names

The Great Gama hindu squats

The Benefits of Hindu Squats

Gain Strength & Muscle Mass Without Weights
Increased Flexibility
Rehabilitates The Knees
Explosive Power
More Leg Strength
Stress Releaser

When properly done with deep breathing, this bodyweight exercise strengthens the whole body. The hindu workout routine, expands your lung muscles and is said to increase your chi or spiritual power.

Besides all of the other things I mentioned, the most important thing is you can do this exercise anywhere. I mean if your on vacation or away on a business trip, you can do this anywhere. So to tell you the truth just being so mobile is one of the main benefits of squats.

Bodyweight squats vs Hindu Squats

L ots of people argue about these two squat exercises. which one is the best, which one is bad for the knees and blah blah blah. So I’m going to do a quick comparison of these two bodyweight squats.

Regular bodyweight squats mostly works the hamstrings and glutes also building flexibility, while on the other hand hindu squats focus more on the quadriceps, giving more flexibility to the knees. The hindu squat has a rhythm to it while the regular squat exercise use the same technique as when doing weighted squats.

So to end the discussion on which one is best, it all comes down to your personal preference. If you already have knee problems maybe squat are not the bodyweight exercise for you. Some people have claimed the hindu squat actually helped their knee problems. I suggest you try both ways or even mix the two and if either give your knees pain just stop.

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