, How Everlywell At-Home Lab Test Kit Performs

How Everlywell At-Home Lab Test Kit Performs

Are you excited to undergo at-home lab testing? Well, for now it is the best way to check the health status when the outside world is still disturbed. Everlywell brings the easy-to-use at-home lab testing kit. Now, you don’t have to look for a clinic outside for undergoing private blood tests in London. Read on to know how to use the kit step-by-step in this guide.   

  1. Arrival of Everlywell kit at the home

On placing an order of the Everlywell kit, the box will be delivered at your doorstep directly. Usually, it consumes 3-5-business day to get delivered. There is no need to pay a visit to your doctor’s clinic or any lab for the test nor have you to make any appointment for doing the same.

By using this kit you can undergo the necessary test from the comfort of your home directly. Therefore, as it eliminates the intermediate hassle, it saves plenty of effort and time for the test.

  1. The kit has to be registered by you

Kit has to be opened for commencing the test by collecting specific samples. Inside it, you will be directed with easy-to-follow directions to carry out the test in the correct manner. At first the test has to be registered online using the distinctive ID number mentioned at the side of the kit.

Browse the secured online platform to register the account where you will be able to view your reports. Once you are done with the registration then check the videos to follow the right steps to collect the sample and send it to the specific lab.

  1. Collect the necessary sample is correct proportion

On the basis of the ordered test, sample of urine, vaginal swab, saliva or blood has to be collected. A wide range of bodily biomarkers have been measured by the Everlywell for allowing the patients to understand the meaning of actual wellness. Biomarkers are classified on various body parts like urine, saliva and blood.

The received kit comprise of everything needed for the collection of the sample to be sent to the lab for detailed analysis. In case, blood sample is necessary then lancet will be there for finger pricking and collect the right amount on specific collection card.

Everlywell at-home tools for sample collection are widely available for:

  • Vaginal swab samples
  • Blood spot samples
  • Urine samples
  • Saliva samples

Often people get confused to understand the reasons for collecting a few drops of blood sample while many clinics withdraw full blood from a vein to carry out the test. The reason is simple; labs don’t need high blood amount to perform various tests. They need a small amount only for analysis and offer the report instead. The rest of blood becomes waste.

The specific blood-centric test made by Everlywell makes use of a popular method of collection known as ‘dried blood spot’. Technically, the collection procedure is quite unique from that of the other available blood test. Also there is no question regarding its standard of validity and reliability as well.

Hence, it is conclusive that Everlywell test is accurate and doctors can rely on it as well. Once the sample is safely and correctly collected, it has to be sealed in the biohazard bag to be mail to the lab for detailed analysis.

  1. Send them carefully to the lab

Inside the kit you will find the materials using which the self-collected samples can be sent to the lab for analysis. Even label of prepaid shipping will be included in the kit as well. Just slip into the sample and past the label of shipping and post it. Mailing supplies will be attached at the downside of the kit box below cardboard divider.

  1. Samples will be analysed at the lab

After receiving the sample it will be analysed by the lab assistant. CLIA-certified labs are widely preferred by the Everlywell to render top-quality testing. CLIA is the abbreviated form of Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments. Basically, it is federal regulatory standard applicable for any clinical lab facilitates testing service for human anatomy.

It covers the quality of testing supervised by top organisations Centre for Medicaid Services (CMS), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the Centre for Disease Control (CDC). Some labs make use of College of American Pathologists (CAP)-accredited labs too. These labs have attained the gold standard of lab testing. Every lab offering private blood tests is accredited to any leading organisations. 

  1. Test report can be viewed on the secured online platform

On receiving the sample the lab will consume minimal 5-business day tenure for generating the report. Prior to the release of the report, the associated physician will review the report. If there is really something a matter of concern then a staff member will ring you (especially in the case of biomarker and STDs).

At that time, the physician will prescribe the necessary medication you must take for alleviating the symptoms of STD. You will be notified via email about releasing of the report which can be easily checked online (particular platform). Downloading option is available for the report in the format of PDF.

Also if you want you can take a hardcopy of the report as well to share with any other healthcare provider of yours.    

Why Everlywell At-Home Lab Test is essential?

Wellness testing is completely in individual hands. So, you are free to use it as per your convenience and in your own way. Numerous at-home labs are there dotted up the city for providing the vital approach to the aspects of being well-being. For private blood testing in London, you can click here.

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