, How to protect eyes from computer and mobile screens
How to protect eyes from computer and mobile screens

How to protect eyes from computer and mobile screens

The computer eye may not be what you think it is, but once it hits it, it’s hard to ignore.

Protecting your eyes from computers and phones is more important than ever, but a clear definition of this problem is more important in terms of prevention than treatment.

Simple security can protect your eyes on the computer and the phone. In this article, we will examine some of these methods.
How to protect your computer: –
1. Use the rules
Don’t let your eyes see you all day. With the 20/20/20 policy you can take long-term vacations.opinion-nytimes

If you look at the screen for 20 minutes, you will see at least 6 meters for 20 seconds, but the longer you don’t turn off the screen, the better.

2. make sure the room is lit
It may not be appropriate, but if you’re on a computer, a bright room is usually better for your eyes. The office should not be too warm. Therefore, close the curtain if possible and reduce the use of incandescent bulbs.

Use a small light bulb and make sure that the ambient light is about half as required by the company.

3. Check your eyes regularly
Regular eye exams can help monitor the health of your eyes and make sure the problem is no worse than normal eye problems. It also gives you a great opportunity to speak to experts about your personality and eye health!

4. Reduce glare
Your computer screen saver can cause visual problems because you can’t adjust your focus as often as necessary for the content you want to focus on.

If possible, use a transparent cover (instead of an LCD screen). If you wear sunglasses, make sure the lenses have a reflective liner.

Close your eyes from the phone
Like computers, cell phone screens can also cause eye irritation. The fact that it’s used in almost everything instead of pencils and paper means everyone has to talk. But how does the phone affect your eyes?

Watch out for phone symptoms
Eye strain, a telephone symptom, is very similar to computer fatigue. Asthenopia in cell phones can cause dryness and irritation of the eyes, headaches in the eyes, and even blurred vision.

However, your way of using the phone differs from that of a computer. With a computer, you can watch for hours on the screen.
How to protect your eyes from cell phones
1. Configure the display settings
It’s easy to forget that you can customize the look because it looks better. Each person has their own eyes, but you can change the contrast, brightness and text on all cell phones.

Decrease the brightness when you are at home or turn on the brightness setting automatically to help your phone adapt to your environment. Increase the text size to make it easier to read text messages.

2. Follow a reasonable distance
You should be able to see everything on the phone screen at a distance between 16 and 18 inches. Keep yourself away from the phone. However, as you approach, think of the screen as close.

3. Use night mode
The latest Android and Apple mobile phones offer a night mode that easily and automatically reduces eye strain at night. When you enable this feature, your phone will automatically adjust your display settings based on sunlight.

4. Don’t forget to blink!
This may seem strange, but it’s easy to forget that it doesn’t flash when using a smartphone or tablet. Unconsciously, you will focus on content visible only on your device.

Each time it flashes, the eyes remain moist and re-focused. Do this regularly to avoid stress and dryness.

Great tips for taking care of your eyes
Adjusting the brightness of your cell phone is important, but your cell phone can do this automatically. LED lights vary in brightness according to the size of the available light. Well, as mentioned above, the Night mode reduces the effect of blue light on your eyes.

The warmer on the color surface, the better. It is important to reduce the amount of light visible on the blue light, if the weight is going to take longer than usual.

Are you still in trouble? please do not object. The Eye Research Group in Chicago has some of the best eye doctors in the country who can diagnose problems, treat and monitor quality, and promote the benefits of the eye.

Schedule your day with one of our expert eye shoppers to learn about your eyes and what makes your eyes look better. We post some great video clips online where you can learn about eye problems and how to fix them.

Keep this information in mind when you use your smartphone or computer. Now you are ready to take care of your eyes. Don’t forget the others!

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