graphic design, 7 graphic design trends 2021 that will create revolution

7 graphic design trends 2021 that will create revolution

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  • Post published:May 2, 2021
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Designing is one of the most integral parts of the digital world. Whatever you see on the laptop and your phone is designed to capture the attention of the users. From each commerce website to the games you play on your PS4, everything has taken its time to become the product it is now. One of the things associated with the graphic design the most is that they are always changing. The trends change every year and new styles and fonts keep surfacing. Most companies renew their websites and apps to keep engaging with their audiences in an even more attractive way. To be a thriving web design company, one has to stay ahead of the trends. Here are the top trending designs of 2021.

graphic design, 7 graphic design trends 2021 that will create revolution

1) Illustrations

You might have seen the cute little cartoon characters on many websites. They are not cartoons per se, and they are more like storytelling graphics that build a lively connection with the visitor. They are the latest and most loved trend of them all. The main reason is that they give a fresh yet expressive look to the website. It offers incredible diversity and instantly gives a happy vibe to the viewer. Many UX design services providers love the trend and are using this technique more often in their designs.

2) Neumorphism/Skeuomorphism

Neumorphism is yet another technique that is getting much attention in the past few months. The subtlety and grace in this technique attract a lot. In this design, the part of the website rises, and part of it is engraved fashionably. It combines a flat design, skeuomorphism and a muted tone to create an elegant layout for the applications. It has an expansive look that attracts the viewers. The design, no doubt, is perfect, but not every web design company is excited to use it. Although with the change in trends of the digital world, this technique has a brighter future, no doubt.

graphic design, 7 graphic design trends 2021 that will create revolution

3) Parallax Scrolling

It is the ultimate graphic design marvel. It’s like sliding through the contents of the website. In this layout, the website’s background keeps moving to make good coordination with the moving foreground while you scroll down. It is reminiscent of a motion picture and looks more like a 3D design. The technique has been around for a while now, but only some graphic design services providers are bold enough to offer these websites. It shows both modernism and style, so it is safe to say that the trend will continue even after 2021.

4) Dark Mode

Dark mode websites are becoming even more popular in 2021. In today’s world, black is not the colour for mourning. It is now symbolized as style and elegance. In the digital world, too, it is becoming more popular. Much as the clean white look is always preferred in the designing world, the dark mode offers a unique yet ideal look of a brand and shows how bold and proud a brand is about its products or services. Dark modes are trendy, but it’s best to choose UX design services that fully grasp the concept of dark mode.

graphic design, 7 graphic design trends 2021 that will create revolution

5) Muted Tones

Lately, brands are demanding more muted tones for their websites. Muted tones have been around from the very beginning, and it seems that they will go anywhere soon. Many experiments keep happening in the digital world, some stay, and some don’t. Nonetheless, the top priority has always been to make a lasting impact on the clients through design and content. Using dark colours in a website surely grabs attention, but if a person stays too long on such websites, they get bored or start hurting their eyes. It doesn’t mean dark mode websites are not cherished. If done right, they too have a lasting impact. However, a muted tone establishes a connection over time and leaves a positive impact on the viewer. If you consult your graphic design services providers, even their first choice might be a muted toned layout. 

6) Image Slider

Image sliders, too, have been around for a while. It is just now they are more fun and smooth as compared to earlier days. In this technique, the images and text slide across the screen in a still background in a fashionable manner. Many designers are now combining them with animation, parallax scrolling and neumorphism, and it is boarding well with the brands.

graphic design, 7 graphic design trends 2021 that will create revolution

7) Overlapping Text

The overlapping text technique is used in the creation of banners for websites. It is all about the modern fonts and text styles in the designing world as the stylized text grabs the attention much more than a bland text. Designers have been using these techniques worldwide, and it is well received by the viewers worldwide.

All these designing techniques are currently being used in every part of the world. The website’s layout choice mostly belongs to the clients, but a designer can always flair it up with their knowledge of the latest trends.

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