, Wireframing in software development in 2021

Wireframing in software development in 2021

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Wireframing in software development

We have heard the word “wireframe” many times. And in our daily lives, we even use this process to curb the mistakes and alterations that might divert us from the path of objective and goal. While this term was actually famous back in the 60s-80s it became quite popular in the developer’s world. It actually helps them to have a technical blueprint onboard which kills their extra time and irrelevant actions that delay in deploying the software of delivering it. And thus today we will discuss the use of wireframes in software development and how software development companies in London are improving themselves with the help of wireframes.

What is a wireframe?

The terminology actually explains about creating an outer frame of each element that you have to execute in terms of operations. It might be anything. Anything in the world that you might think and imagine. Herein software is what we use. It lets a roughly estimated frame draw and is used as the destined path that you have to go through.

It is the same as you sketch a rough model and then paint it on the lines that you’ve drawn. It lets you stay focused and aligned so that you’re paintbrush or other colors don’t get mixed up. And as a result, you get a perfect painting.

What are the types of wireframes?

Graphic software – Graphic software is the latest tech. They let you draw your imagination or the idea and let it finish from rough to a fine piece of product or any element. Adobe, GIMP, etc are a few among many that offer quality graphic software, letting you draw digitally on a desktop or on a tab. It has no limits on what you can draw and what you can’t. From a spaceship to software and website, you can have it all. And then execute the plan as you have drawn your layout.

Paper sketch – The traditional method and probably the simplest one. It does not require to learn and know about a lot of tools and stuff, it’s just you, your paper, and your pencil or pen. That is it. And draw your imagined and desired element and then go for your object to grab it into your pocket.

HTML Wireframe – HTML wireframe is purely technical. It requires dense knowledge and idea about the programming language. It actually allows users to program or code software without filling in any details and information, but a skeleton within which things must be settled and put. As software development is basically technical, it helps in analyzing the accurate and measured ratio of work and other elements that has to be given in the process. It lets you do 1/4th of your work as you are into the initial stage of wireframing the software.

Charts – Charts are the best way to put your thoughts. It lets you do less writing and sketching and just make it the shortest version of your plan into a process or hierarchy. It requires no such sketching skills nor coding or programming skills. Just make some charts following your target to achieve.

How does wireframing help in software development?

Well, it has many such features that boost your chances of success and completion. As it is completely a forecasted path that you have drawn by yourself and now you just have to follow the lines you drew.

Time Efficiency

Time is the prime factor in any development process. It is the most important factor that affects or affects your development, doesn’t matter what you are into. In software development, the wireframe that you draw creates a settled pathway. A pathway that you have drawn, and which lets you just walk on the line, as you have drawn, with executing and programming the software. So, you know what you have to do. It’s not that you are thinking about what’s next? This saves time as obvious as it is. So, you have a concrete idea about things that you have and which enables you to do things in the best manner you could, keeping the extra time by your side.


As a wireframe lets you get a vision about all the corners, the cost is one among them. You visualize what will cost you a fortune and what will cost you a penny when you can out the elements while wireframing. And when there is something that goes beyond your pocket, you have enough time with you that lets you search out the alternatives that could fit your budget. So yes, wireframing helps there as well.

Keeps you on the track

Acting as a guide, that lets you trek the mountain of success, wireframe guides you to the summit. If you get out of the focus or forget where were you due to any problem, it helps you get a traceback to your work. So, you don’t panic or sit to think where were you and what you have got to do next?

Client engagement

While you undertake a project or a development, you have to stick to the client’s expectations. Sketching a wireframe will help your client visualize the result. If the result matches the expectations that are good if not the client will be engaged to have a conversation with you and you will know what and how could you match things, if not, can discuss it with them.


Planning things will definitely help you. The wireframe is as same as planning it’s just more graphical in nature. It gives a complete overview of your work and the workings that have to be followed. It acts as a checkpoint that drags you back if you are lost.

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