, Ray Mirra jr Career Highlights

Ray Mirra jr Career Highlights

Ray Mirra Jr in wrestling business

Ray Mirra Jr. has been an enigma in the wrestling business for quite some time. Ray Mirra Jr made his start in the UFC as an amateur before winning a bronze medal in the 1996 Olympics. Since then though he has been one of the top wrestlers in the world. He is also a two-time WWE champion. A lanky figure with a big push on his size, Ray Mirra Jr is the epitome of a hard-hitting American hero. We take a look at some of his career highlights.

Ray Mirra is best known for his matches with WWE legends such as Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, and Batista. However, he is also popular in European pro wrestling. Ray was able to defeat Diesel in the United States during a memorable match. He even tried out for the British Championship earlier this year, but ultimately lost out to John Bradshaw.

He is yet to appear in an actual main event match on American television. While in Europe he has gained a lot of recognition, especially defeating “Macho” hemiczergie in a German match. This put him in an interesting position, as most European wrestlers are not used to being pushed around like that in the United States. Ray has stated that he will not be moving to Europe any time soon, but if things ever happen where he could challenge for the WWE title, they would likely be a good match for him.

Ray as one of the top wrestlers

It is hard to rank Ray as one of the top wrestlers of all time, as the list is so big. However, some of the matches that he has had deserve to be mentioned. He has beat Hulk Hogan twice in his career. During his second stint with the company, he was given the “Rumble”. This move was unique at the time and is still used today by many professional wrestlers. Ray did not receive much credit at the time, but his career highlights definitely make him a worthy mention.

, Ray Mirra jr Career Highlights

The first match that I am going to give you is one of my personal favorites. This is the first match that I got into when I joined the company. I was a fairly big fan of Raymond Mirra because of the way that he carried himself in the ring, and even more importantly his ability to take bumps off of people. He would always hit people with the outside of his leg, and it was a way for him to show how tough he could be.

The match itself was a fairly typical affair. Ray took out a heel with a couple of forearm shots and then went on to score a few more on top of his opponents. The finish came when Ray broke down the middle and tried a sit-down powerbomb on his opponent. This is still one of the matches that I have the highest regard for, and would always love to see him in another high-profile match.

End of Ray Mirra Career

Ray didn’t just end his career with two memorable matches against Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage, he also had a run where he won the U.S. Title twice. The match itself was fantastic. The speed and agility that Ray displayed were amazing, and I think he would be loved by fans everywhere if he could have a series of U.S. Title wins.

Overall I have to say that Ray Mirra Jr is a class act, and I wish that he continued with his amazing career. His matches with Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage were spectacular, and I think that they paved the way for what modern-day professional wrestling is all about. Even though I only have two career highlights, I feel that he is a worthy enough talent to earn a spot in the hall of fame someday. He is one of the greatest athletes of all time, and I am not surprised that he is in the United States House of Fame right now. If he keeps it up, I think he will be there before long.

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