, Some of the Hidden Features of Hitachi ACs

Some of the Hidden Features of Hitachi ACs

One of the leading brands in the world of electronics, Hitachi, also known as Johnson-Controls Hitachi is a reputed Japanese brand. Producing good quality appliances, it has cemented its place in the air conditioning segment by creating some of the most performance-oriented ACs. Owning Hitachi AC is considered a prestigious feat, and adds brand value to space.

, Some of the Hidden Features of Hitachi ACs

Among the Fortune 500 companies, Hitachi boasts of innovation, versatility and energy efficiency. Offering a wide range of ACs, from commercial to residential units, the types of ACs the brand offers include split ACs, window ACs, cassette ACs, as well as tower AC units.

Hitachi has over 600 service stations all over the country, which affirms that servicing takes place with ease and speed. The brand also has a plethora of manufacturing units, retail outlets and research labs all over India. That said, we take a closer look at a few of Hitachi AC’s hidden features.

  1. iSee and iSense Technology for Smart Air Conditioning

This is a patented technology that only comes in Hitachi ACs. The models that have this technology come with an intelligent sensor which ensures that consumers get cooling with minimal wastage. The sensor on the unit detects the location and number of the people in the room, along with their movements, and then cools the room ensuring maximum comfort. This technology also senses when there is no one in the room, and switches off the AC automatically, reducing energy wastage.

  1. Wi-Fi Control for Smartphone Use

The iConnect series from Hitachi allows for a smart use without worrying about looking for the often misplaced remote control. The Hitachi app would need to be downloaded on all the smart devices that need to be connected to the unit, and then paired with the router using Wi-Fi. This allows the control of up to four air conditioners with ease. The interesting fact about this feature is that for some reason, even if the Wi-Fi is not connected, you can still connect with the phone using the Wi-Fi Direct mode.

  1. Hot & Cold AC

For contrasting conditioning, this feature allows the settings to be at the desired temperature as opposed to most air-conditioners that simply cool up a space. This also offers conditioning of the air in winters, when the temperature can be set to a desired degree, and provides a steady climate inside. This also includes a built-in heater which will give you relief during frosty winters, and enables a reverse conditioning process. These hot and cold air conditioners by Hitachi are extremely coveted worldwide, and can function over large cooling temperature ranges, from 15 degrees to 25 degrees Celsius.

  1. Four-Way Swing for Uniform Cooling

Most air conditioners come with a two-way swing that throws air upwards and downwards. Hitachi has upped that feature by providing a 4-way swing that throws air sideways in addition to upwards and downwards. This feature is unique, and gives uniform cooling throughout the room in a short span of time.

  1. Stainless Steel Coated Filter

If not paid attention to, filters can drastically reduce the cooling capacity of ACs, and severely affect the performance of the unit. To keep their ACs up and running smoothly, Hitachi has introduced the iClean technology. Through this feature, the units come with a brush that cleans the stainless steel filter from one side, while sweeping the dust off the wing. This is an automatic process and takes around 5-8 minutes for completion. The dust box then accumulates the particles and gets rid of all the unwanted dirt. Once this filter cleaning procedure is complete, the innovative brush obediently moves back to its initial position.

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