, 5 Creative Ways to Get Your Website Noticed By Search Engines

5 Creative Ways to Get Your Website Noticed By Search Engines

As we know that billions of blogs and websites are available on the internet. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you will have to market your website. After creating a website, if you don’t market it, no one will find your website. The marketing process of your website starts from the creation of the easy to navigate website. After creating an easy to navigate the website, you will have to share unique and original content. You will have to share your website on social media sites and much more. Here, we will discuss creative ways to get your website noticed by the search engines.

Register Your Website With Google Search Console:

Google is the world’s largest search engine. Almost all the website developers want to index their websites on Google. For this reason, Google has introduced a free service under the name of Google Search Console. After registering your website with Google Search Console, you can submit your website for indexing in Google. This is also the best tool to create the sitemaps of your website. When you are submitting sitemaps of your website in the Google Search Console, it means that you are telling the search engines that your website is existing on the internet.

This is also the best tool to get an idea either your website is indexed in Google or not. After creating a new web page, you can also submit the request for its indexing in the Google Search Console. By using this tool, you can also check which websites are linking to your website. In short, we can say that it is the best tool to increase the visibility of your website. Similarly, if you want to index your website in the Bing, you can use Bing Webmaster Tools.

Keep An Active Blog:

If you want to increase the traffic and visibility of your website, you should maintain an active blog. You should write the articles by conducting research and try to establish yourself as a thought leader in your niche. If you can’t write and share posts daily, you can provide an opportunity for the influential writers to write and share guest posts on your website. This is also the best technique to increase the traffic to your website. While creating the unique and original content for your website, you should also try to add infographics.

You should also add the CTA at the end of the blog posts. These CTAs encourage the visitors to leave comments and to share your blog post on social media sites. Before sharing the blog posts, you should also focus on the on-page SEO of the blog posts. You should include internal backlinks in these blog posts. These internal backlinks will decrease the bounce rate of your website. These internal links will also increase the authenticity of the other posts on your website.

Share Content On Social Media Sites:

As we know that this is an era of internet and almost all the people have social media accounts. Most of the people check their social media accounts several times a day. If you are sharing your content on social media sites, this thing will also increase the visibility of your website. For this reason, you should create pages of your website on the most famous search engines like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn etc. After creating pages on these social media sites, you should try to share interesting content.

Told by a dissertation help firm, when you share the interesting content on your social media pages, you will get more likes. As a result, your followers will be increased. When you share your blog posts on these social media pages, you will get lots of clicks. If your followers find interesting content on your website, they will also try to share your blog posts on their profiles. These social signals also play a vital role in the SEO of your website. If your website is getting visitors from these social media sites, search engines will also try to improve the ranking of your website. In your blog posts, you should add easy to share social buttons.

Create Backlinks To Your Website:

After sharing the best quality blog posts by focusing on the on-page SEO, you will have to focus on the off-page SEO technique. Backlinks are considered as the most important components of the off-page SEO technique. These backlinks not only increase the SEO of your website but these backlinks will also increase the visibility of a website. To increase the visibility of your website by creating the backlinks, you should focus on the best quality backlinks.

First, you should try to get backlinks from niche-related websites. Its reason is that when visitors of those websites see another website relevant to the same niche in the comments, they will try to visit this website. Secondly, you should share guest posts on niche related websites. When visitors read guest posts on other website and they find your link in these guest posts, they will also try to visit your website.

Increase The Loading Speed Of Your Website:

Google has been using the loading speed of a website as a ranking factor since 2010. For this reason, you will have to ensure the responsive design of the website. If your website doesn’t have a responsive design, it will not load faster. If a website is taking too much time in loading the data, Google will consider that your website is not providing the best user experience. Due to this reason, Google will ignore your website and your website will not be indexed in Google.

On the other hand, if your website has responsive design and it is loading fast on all the devices, this thing will send a positive signal to the search engines. The search engines will index your website immediately. Google PageSpeed Insights is the best and free tool to check the loading speed of a website. This tool will also provide you with a list of all the aspects which are slowing down your website. By getting an idea about these aspects, you can easily increase the loading speed of your website.

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