Marketing is becoming more important in educational institutions as more entities enter the market with attractive value propositions. This means that thousands of people are looking for an education that meets current market requirements and meets their standards. It is important to shift the balance towards digital.

Organizations that are related to education should be present on these search engines since they target a younger audience who has grown up with the Internet, smartphones, and mobile technology.

These tips can be used to market educational institutions and reach the intended audience.

Define the buyer persona

HubSpot says buyer personas are “semi-fictional representations” of your ideal customers. These personas help us identify the audience we want to convert and attract, as well as helping us to understand and humanize this target audience better.

Therefore, it is important to define them in digital marketing strategies for universities or institutions related to education. Only by understanding the target audience (in this case, young people) can you determine the channels, content, and marketing actions that will reach them.

Invest in a high-quality website

It is expected that people will leave a website within 3 seconds if it doesn’t load properly or has issues. Your digital marketing strategy must include the following features:

  • Excellent loading speed
  • Good SEO positioning.
  • Visually appealing for the type of student you are searching for.
  • This site offers valuable content.
  • Useability
  • Security certificate

Incorporate the mobile

It is hard to imagine a mobile-friendly marketing campaign for educational institutions. Consider the fact that 70% Web traffic is generated on a mobile device. This shows that digital natives, especially young people, are more inclined to embrace this trend.

Social media is a great way to communicate with others

From a professional and strategic standpoint, social networks are communication tools that allow for greater interaction with the target audience, the dissemination of messages, and the obtaining of information.

This is because the target audience for educational entities is teenagers and young people (often with a presence via social networks), and platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat -among other things- should be included in the digital marketing strategies to universities and colleges.

Your ideal customer (or buyer persona) will help you choose the right platforms and how to increase your digital marketing efforts for educational institutions.

Content marketing is a must

The creation of and dissemination of relevant and informative content will not only position your page in the top search results but also make it a reference site on the Web. This will result in more people seeing your content and your institution.

Marketing strategies for educational institutions can only work if the content is carefully crafted, with care for quality and informative value.

Virtual Reality is worth considering

When it comes to marketing educational institutions, virtual reality can be an invaluable tool. For example, you could create a VR video showing the campus, its daily life, students, and infrastructure. This creates a high-impact, immersive experience.

Live Marketing is important!

Live streaming is an important communication tool and marketing tool to reach audiences. Periscope, Facebook Live, and YouTube Live Events are great for sharing internal events and capturing the attention of the public.

Because of the amount of information available today, marketing is vital in educational institutions. It’s not enough to be a highly recommended entity by graduates. It must also be visible in digital media in a natural manner because digital natives are the target audience for educational entities, as we have seen.


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