, 7 Google Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketing and SEO

7 Google Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketing and SEO

As we all know, Google Chrome has become the most used browser on the planet. The reason for this is that it has become the most used browser for desktop computers. You may simply personalize this browser on the desktop by installing numerous browser extensions. As a result, it has risen to the top of the browser rankings for digital marketing. Digital marketers are interested in learning about the SEO industry’s fast-changing trends. They can implement the greatest SEO strategies in digital marketing and SEO by remaining up to date. As a result, they simplify the SEO procedure. We’ll go over the top seven Google Chrome extensions for digital marketing and SEO in this article.

BuzzSumo Extension:

For digital marketing and SEO pros, it is one of the most popular content marketing platforms. You can quickly obtain an impression of the most popular stuff on the internet by utilizing this tool. You may simply acquire detailed information on the performance of a given piece of content after installing this extension in Google Chrome. It will display the number of times your material has been shared on social media sites. You may also get an estimate of how many links there are to the article. It’s also the easiest way to figure out how long an article has been around. All you have to do is go to the article to receive this information. You should click the BuzzSumo symbol after reading this article. It will display all of the details about your content.


As an SEO expert, you’re well aware of Moz’s significance. It is the most effective tool for gaining SEO insights into your site. You must go to their website to acquire SEO insights on your website. You can install its extension on Google Chrome if you want to acquire all of the information with just a single click. You may get detailed information about the SEO of your website without leaving your browser after downloading this SEO plugin. You may acquire detailed information about backlinks by using this addon. You can also use this extension to find out a website’s DA and PA score. It has become a must-have extension for SEO specialists because it provides essential data on a website’s digital marketing and SEO.

SEO Pro Extension:

It’s the greatest extension for swiftly analyzing a website’s attributes. You may receive an overview of SEO data by utilizing this Google Chrome addon. You may use this plugin to boost your website’s SERP ranking as well as collect SEO data. Some parts of your website are missing SEO information. You may also acquire detailed information about these areas by installing this Google Chrome extension. You can acquire detailed information on the performance of photos that don’t include ALT tags, for example. Users can also use this SEO addon to assess the performance of their competitors’ websites. You can get Digital marketing agency advice on how to increase your website’s ranking. Users can download the SEO Pro Extension for free.

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar:

Install this extension on your web browser if you want to boost your website’s SERP ranking like a pro. You can acquire important information about a web page after installing this extension. To begin, you can obtain information about the web page’s title and description. Second, you can find out what the canonical URL is. Finally, you can learn about this website’s crawlability. Fourth, users can obtain information about a web page’s headers and sub-headers. Finally, you may acquire relevant information about a web page’s word count. Finally, it can be used to obtain information on social tags. You must first register a free account in order to use this extension.

Quake SEO:

It is a multi-task digital marketing and SEO solution for SEO specialists, as recommended by a dissertation assistance service. You may cover anything from auditing to social metrics with this tool. You can instantly examine the analytics of a website after installing this extension in Google Chrome. This plugin can also be used to generate a SERP analytics report. This report is available in CSV format. This addon can also be used for content marketing by SEO pros. You’ll need to know the keyword difficulty before you start writing a piece of content. This plugin makes it simple to find out how difficult a keyword is. This addon can also be used to track social statistics. This extension can also be used to compare distinct URLs.

Meta SEO Inspector:

If your website contains problems, these errors might significantly reduce your website’s traffic. The tiniest things might have a long-term detrimental impact on your website’s SEO. For example, if you employ Meta tags incorrectly, your website’s SEO would suffer. As a result, you should concentrate on improving these Meta tags. You can simply analyze the Meta tags after installing this extension in Google Chrome. If your Meta tags aren’t optimised properly, they’ll display mistakes in the form of a page. Along with displaying these errors, it will also provide advice for how to improve them.

Check My Links:

Some SEO practitioners must devote a significant amount of time to a website’s technical digital marketing and SEO. They must analyse their competition while performing technical SEO on their websites. You can collect more link data after studying the competition. You may quickly increase your website’s SERP ranking by employing this link data. You can get useful information about the URLs after installing this extension in Google Chrome. You only need to look at the websites of your competitors. You can acquire important information about their links by browsing these web pages. This plugin will make all of the links stand out. As a result, you can learn a great deal about a website’s links. You may simply boost the ranking of your website in the search engines after using this knowledge.

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