, Advanced Retargeting Tips –2021

Advanced Retargeting Tips –2021

If you know a bit about salesmanship, or you have encountered those wonderful salesmen who close deals in the second or third attempt, retargeting will be a simple concept for you.

In digital marketing, unable to convert a user doesn’t mean a complete failure; you just got a lead! And converting a customer doesn’t mean the end, you can retarget and sell something else as well.

What’s Retargetting?

Retargetting is a famous marketing term in which you go after the same person who landed on your website but didn’t convert. As per the data, only 2% of web traffic converts on the first visit.

So this is normal for visitors to leave the website on the first visit. Retargetting works the same way a charming salesman keeps chasing you and appears out of nowhere from thin air whenever you’re thinking of giving his product. I will not stop chasing you until you buy this!!!

This article will teach you how retargeting works and share some fresh retargeting tips to implement during the process. So, are you ready to retarget?

How Retargetting Works?

You, too, must have experienced this. You visit a website and explore their products and services, then notice that their advertisements start to follow you around the web on other sites. 

Curious to learn how it works?

  • For retargeting, businesses put a snippet of tracking code known as a retargeting pixel on their website.
  • When a customer visits a certain page, a pixel is downloaded containing information about what they viewed. This information becomes part of the profile kept by an ad network and is tracked via a cookie part of the customer’s browser.
  • Now when this customer visits another website/application/platform where ads can be displayed, the cookie informs the ad network that the XYZ person earlier visited the firm’s website and viewed specific products or services.
  • Then the ad network shows the ads to the customer relevant to the previous products/services they had once explored, accomplishing retargeting campaigns.

Modern Retargetting Practices for Guaranteed Results

You just got a brief introduction to retargeting and how it works. It’s time to get down to business. You’ve had enough of those bounced traffic, and now you want to retarget and sell them at any cost! So, how can you do it?

1.Create Fresh Ad Copies to Combat Sales Objections

Your previous ad copy, visuals, and even landing page are obsolete now. Create everything from scratch, especially your ad copy. Since they have been on your website recently, they know who you’re. So no further introduction is required.

There could be a reason why your prospect didn’t convert. You need to kill the objection that stopped them from converting. Be specific this time. Ponder over the probable reasons why they didn’t convert. 

Dig customer reviews and create surveys to find out what objections they have. Answer all of them or at least the most important ones in your ad copy.

2.Showcase the Best Products Only

Accept the fact your previous strategy didn’t work; probably because you put the wrong products at the front. Sit down and create the ideal persona of your customer. If he/she didn’t fancy what you had put at the front before, you can put something new.

Or you can be specific. By analyzing the behavior of the user — the page where they spent more time and the page where they barely spent a few seconds — you can decide which product they are likely to buy.

3.Create Urgency

Words that imply scarcity and action can do the magic for you. Maybe they liked your product but the visitor thought the offer wasn’t going anywhere, so I’m going to buy it later.

In copywriting, it’s also known as FOMO (fear of missing out). Put yourself in your customer’s place, how would you react if you learn you are reading a “last-minute deal” and you need to make a decision quickly, or else you can lose something significant?

Of course, you’d think twice before scrolling down.

This is a tried and proven tactic that works wonders on both click-through and conversion rates. To invoke this FOMO, you can take advantage of ad customizers. For instance, insert countdowns in your ads with short snippets of codes to maximize the impact of your offer.

4.Use Coupons & Discount Codes

If the sense of urgency didn’t urge your prospect to click on the “Buy” button, this will. Price is one of the primary reasons people will leave your website without converting.

Comparison shopping is easy nowadays. You can compare the product of the same price from different sellers on the go. And when the difference is significant, users never come back to the high-price site again. 

However, there’s a solution to this problem. By offering coupons or discount codes you can make them feel special. Most of them would feel only a scarce number of people got them, so all of them would definitely use the code or coupon to make a purchase.


Effective retargeting strategy is important for any modern business. Yet many businesses fail in this phase, only because they repeat the same old mistakes. Follow the above-mentioned retargeting tips to maximize your retargeting sales and profit.

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