, Best Tools for efficiently building Backlinks through dofollow blogs

Best Tools for efficiently building Backlinks through dofollow blogs

We all know that in order to rank its always ideal to have one way links .The easiest and fastest way although some say its time consuming of building backlinks is by blog commenting.I am going to discuss some tools that will help you build on these backlinks more efficiently and less time consuming.

Grab your main keyword and put it in Google Keyword .This is a great tool and produces real results.

You can start with a keyword and place it in a .xls file  Creative Business Name.

Now you can download a free tool like comment Kahuna and via it get a list of all the do-follow blogs for that keyword. For each list of sites that you get place them next to the keyword in the .xls file to future reference. Now visit each of these sites.Comment Kahuna will provide you with the actual URL of the blog post that is related to the keyword, what you should do is visit the domain also and have a look at what keyword Meta tags this blog uses. This will give you an idea about the blog. If the keywords matches with your list then this is an ideal blog to monitor. You could further list your sites according to which blogs are dedicated to your keyword lists or blogs that just have individual posts dedicated to any of the keywords on your list, giving priority to dedicated blogs of course.

Sign up for cocomment a service that tracks your comments. This will have two benefits; a) You will always have a list of places where you have left comments. 2) You can join in a discussion thus getting more value out of your blog post and making your presence felt. cocomments provides you a firefox addon that produces a script just below the commenting text box, in essence it indicated to you that the comment will be tracked.

Download commentsniper and install it. Comment sniper will alert you the instance a blog loads up a new post, the benefits here are that you will be able to a) Be notified instantly when a blog post is loaded b)Gives you the opportunity to be the first to comment on a blog post, therefore not just a benefit for ranking but also a benefit for increasing natural traffic from others who see your comment. Comment Sniper will ask you to enter the blog URL and the blog feed URL and you just minimise to the quick bar (oh just got an alert as there is a fresh post over at mashable

Go over and sign up for Shftyr. Shftyr is a awesome RSS feed aggregator, instead of aggregating just the basic feeds for a blog post, it actually reproduces the entire blog post. Before you know it you will have a list of 100s of full posts, neatly categorised in one single aggregator. The benefit here of course is to find interesting ideas when shifting from one post to another (old and new) to get ideas to comment on  https://brandbookcloud.com/.

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