, Build Your Small Business Website Using WordPress
Add title Build Your Small Business Website Using WordPress

Build Your Small Business Website Using WordPress

Build Your Small Business Website Using WordPress

Build Your Small Business Website Using WordPress
In today’s internet usage, everyone wants to reach the customer and get his products sold online. One needs to understand business before venturing in to creating a website for selling products.Names That Mean Death

To sell your product, you have to create a website for your domain for which usually you need to hire a web designer/developer. It is the job of the website designer or developer to create, upload and maintain your site.

However, did you know that you can also create your website without any technical knowledge? You can do this using WordPress software.

Why WordPress is used for small business?
To avoid the issues of hiring a web site designer and taking up his services, WordPress.org has created a software which is very useful for anyone to start online business website or blog.

small business website wordpress

The WordPress software provides with all the help that is related with starting of your business website. You can, without any difficulty, run the website, add new pages as well as blog posts. You need not possess any knowledge of HTML and CSS.

You can modify the look of your site and make it unique, add new capabilities via plug-ins and and make it user friendly. It’s also easier to optimize it for search engines.

How to create a website?
Now you must be wondering how to create a website for your small business.

In order to create a website, you have to install WordPress software on your web host. The software comes without any charges. You can also get themes and plug-ins for free. The only thing for which you will be charged is for the web hosting. Though I recommend to use a premium theme as well, not the free ones.

The following steps will guide you in building a small business site with free word press. All you need is to follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Select the service provider for your web hosting services.
  2. Down load the free word press software from word press.org.
  3. Create a data base of your selling product.
  4. Unzip the archive and find a web page configuration sample PHP.
  5. Upload all the word press files to your account with an FTP client.
  6. Next run the word press installation script. All information of your business is transfer on to your authentic domain.
  7. Choose a word press theme.
  8. Download and install plug-ins.

For all the above, make use of SEO for optimizing your post and pages.

Now you are ready to start your web business. You can update and upload new content to your small business website whenever you want. There is a word press app for Ipad and smartphones also. So you can manage your website on the go!

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