, How to Choose a Domain Name
How to Choose a Domain Name

How to Choose a Domain Name

How to Choose a Domain Name

Domain name is a unique address or URL of a website that distinguishes it from any other website on the Web. Domain name is very important for your website and people often don’t pay much heed to its significance. Pool Team Name

Try to get a domain name that matches your company name. Your website’s name should also be same as its domain name because people think of your website as its name. Therefore take your time and choose your domain name properly.

Check availability of domain name
It’s true that millions of domain names are already registered. Usually it becomes difficult to get the domain name of your choice.

Logon to Godaddy.com or enom.com or namecheap.com. On any of these websites, you can check the availability of domain names of your choice.

Remember, at this stage, we are just checking the availability of domain name and not registering the same. In next tutorial, I will show you how you can get a domain name for FREE.

Tips for choosing a domain name
Here are few points regarding how to choose a domain name for your websites:

Length of domain name
It is always best to keep the domain names as short as possible because they are easier to type as well as remember.

This also helps to put more characters in the URL in search engine reports and the name fits better on business cards and other things. And if people remember your website name they will share it with others and this will help you with your business. So if the name is very long and difficult to remember, people may not like to return to your website.

Domain name should be brandable and easy to remember
Your business largely depends on SERPs and word of mouth which depends on how easy to remember you make your domain name. No matter how excellent your website is but if you do not give an easy domain name, people won’t recall it to share with others. Also set your website apart with a unique brand which will add additional value to your domain name.

Domain name should be relevant to website
When choosing a domain name, make sure you keep it as close to your website name as possible. Otherwise this might confuse people because the domain name and website name are different from each other.

Choosing TLD or extension of domain
There are so many domain names available today which include .com, .org, .net, .biz etc. but the top level domain including .com is by far the most commonly used domain name on Internet. This is because of the fact that .com was the first commercially used domain name and it gained tremendous popularity.

If you cannot find right domain name in .com, then only go for .net which is second most popular domain name extension. You can also think of country specific domain extension, if your business is relevant only in your area. For eg .co.uk, .co.in etc

Avoid other’s copyright or trademarks
No matter how great your domain or your company is but if you have knowingly or unknowingly have infringed anyone’s copyright, you will face a major setback. To avoid this go to copyright.gov and search for the name before you use it.

It takes time and lots of research to choose a perfect domain name. Your imagination and creativity is also very crucial in this process. Although, this domain name industry is very competitive, you can still manage to find original domain names that add appeal to online businesses. Use above mentioned tactics and you will surely be able to do that.

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