Every Blogger wants more and more people to visit his\her blog .In order to do so bloggers have to follow many steps like building a descriptive and SEO friendly blog or promoting their blog through interaction with other blog audience or promotion through social website like Facebook , Google plus etc. So we are providing you some steps follow these steps to Increase Your Blog Traffic.Witty Rogue Names

  1. Quality content and Write frequently
    Quality content is a major key to bring readers back. So you should try to provide Quality content which is descriptive and interesting .Blogging frequently also helps in boosting blog traffic .You should try to frequently update your blog content in order to get more and more blog traffic. You should try to have long content that is your blog post should be around 700 words minimum. It is also advised not to have miss leading headlines. Sometimes bloggers use some catchy headlines in order to get more and more people engaged in their post , I am sure this trick works but for future visitors will not visit your site again.
  2. Submitting blog to search engine
    Submitting blog to search engine like Google ,Yahoo can help in increasing blog traffic. Submitting blog to search engine increase your chances to being picked in search which is really helpful in getting readers.
  3. Powers of Comments
    Comments is very effective way of increasing blog traffic. We can use comments in many ways to increase blog traffic. Like replying to comments of readers. Replying to readers’ comments can lead to improve interaction and result in increasing readership. We can also use comments to bring readers to our blog simply by leaving comments on other blogs posts .Your comment should contain blog url with some description of blog or blog post.
  4. RSS Feed
    Rss FEED is an easy and effective way to bring back your readers and to update them with the content or posts of your blog.
  5. Importance of SEO
    While writing a blog post you should keep remember about SEO(Search Engine Optimization).Your post should include Relevant keywords and Links. But your post should not contain irrelevant keywords as it will leave bad expression on readers. For more information you can check our new post about SEO and SMM.
  6. Images
    Images not only make your blog posts look good but it can also help in boosting up your blog traffic . Image search provided by search engines like Google,Yahoo,Bing etc can help you to get more and more traffic.
  7. Social Networking Sites
    Social Networking Sites can play a key role in bringing huge traffic to your blog. You can use Social Networking Sites in many ways in boosting up your blog traffic you can provide social networking sites share link with each post so that your readers can share what they like with their friends .You can interact with your target audience with the help of social networking sites you can share your post in your Google Plus account or you can use Your Facebook page to share content of your post or You can simply tweets about the post with post link. We will tell You about more methods in later posts.
  8. Guest Blogging
    Guest Blogging means writing guest blog post on other blogs or allowing other bloggers to write a guest post on your blog .This method always work as blogs are exposed to more audience and help in increasing blogs traffic.
  9. MOBILE friendly Interface
    Last but not least, this point is one of the post important thing that you should remember that is Interface now days mobile friendly interface is must as in today world most of the people use their mobile phone to surf net hence your blog theme should be mobile friendly so that visitors can easily open your website on their mobile phone. If your website is not mobile phone friendly there is high chance for a visitor not to come back on your site.

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