principle of Web Design, What is the principle of Web Design?

What is the principle of Web Design?

What is the principle of Web Design? Web design is actually working with a creative team or creative people to combine content writing and graphic elements to create a message online for your potential customers. Web designing includes vector diagrams, illustrations, blueprinting, logo design for brands, creating banner art. Website designing includes various abilities and orders in the creation and support of sites. Explore the various spaces of website composition incorporate at

  • web visual computerization
  • UI configuration
  • Writing including normalized code and exclusive programming client experience plan and site improvement.

Nowadays, various web designers are providing services to various brands and business owners. The trend of web designing is increasing day by day. So, the main purpose of a web designer is to create a good- looking site able enough to display on google and browsers.

Principle of web design:

Content flow :

The most important thing for a web designer is to retain the content flow for better understanding and knowledge. For this purpose companies nowadays are using various techniques and strategies. The strategy on the top of command is to create different sections or pace holders. Each section, break and pace holder contains specific data or information about the company or product.
For example

A company site with a layout containing sections like

 Who they are? What they actually serve for? Why people should choose their services? What are the benefits and requirements for joining their company? Furthermore, these sections include the history, efforts and current structure of that company.

Specification of branding messaging :

The step after it is the specification of brand messaging. The company focuses on their unique values and properties. They tell their customers the potential story of accomplishing that unique properties. Therefore, they prefer to use the blend outbreaks of Why? How? Who? Where? Etc
For example:  why you want the service? How their services beneficial to them?


The other important thing a web designer should keep in mind is navigation. If your front page does not show the main objective of your site or the reader feel resistant to acknowledge himself about the pros and cons of your services by visualizing your main page. It will take no time for the audience to turn back on such site. So, it is very necessary for a company runner to en list his objectives, history and services on the top of site or in navigation bar. This will help the audience to see in a glance what a company is offering and what the content is about. The main layout containing the basic information is capable enough to grab the attention of majority of visitors. This will lead to turn your visitors into your customers.

Major outlook:

The main purpose of web designer is to make your content flexible enough to move seamlessly from one screen to the next this means that users have the flexibility to access your website on any of their devices.  The main purpose of web designer is to make your major outlook of website. For this purpose he must make plans and strategies for overall websites and individual pages, play with different color fonts, illustrations, logo designs, graphics, design software including various image based presentations, schemes, photos and imagery. So, the main work of a web designer is to focus on Front-End of a site.

Hierarchy :

The other most impact full strategy is hierarchy. The things that grabs the visitor’s attention first .These dominant features prove to be favor able for maximum outcomes. Various features and info like logos, subtitles, contact number, location etc are not capable enough to grab a visitor’s attention at a first glance. The main web page  front-end includes the first hierarchy in the form of main title or headings or the theme and wallpaper. All these features decide your visitor’s impressions and his feedback about your site. So, to navigate the visitor’s attention with fabulous and technical use of hierarchy is the super cool strategy for the success of that particular site.

Color theme :

Usually, there are few principles to use color themes. Colors are used to indicate emotions or any kind of product identity, key factors for various things. In web designs colors indicate functional things like

  • If the product is working or is button clickable.
  • To dominant keywords
  • To include anchor or hyperlinks

The precautions one must keep in mind while apply color themes on website are
The colors should be in a great contrast and good kind of functionality to it
The color theme of clickable buttons should differ from the background color.

SEO implementation:

Search engine organization is the most essential lead to success of a website. So, a web designer acknowledge himself from trends and updates of various SEO. Then make his strategies to register his site from various SEO sites. This help your site to display your content on the main web browser. In this way, leads to global approach and global preference.

Good and compelling content

A well-developed site has both good web design and powerful content to grab visitor’s impact. By using compelling language the content can attract the visitors. A good content is the essential need for the better impact of your product to the targeted audience. It is helpful for the customers to acknowledge about your products. Nowadays a variety of content or article writers are providing their services for the advertisement and fame of various brands. For more productions efforts to make qualitative and clever content will be well-appreciated.
For existence of your company on google
• Unique and qualitative content is required. Before going to purchase something thousands of people first research online and look for a valued content
• People who are interested in online dealing prefer to response in one hour. To resolve complaints about brand they want quick response from brand.

Responsive layout :

Layout can make a website users friendly. Responsive web designing add comfort to most of the web designers. There is no need of creating themes and working for every separate device. This is the art of creating multi-design web. With this design the website are capable to alter their shape, width and resolution. The main purpose of responsive design is to acquire the following desires


Accomplishment of media queries

Obtaining fluid images

Flexible layout.

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