, What are the Different Types of Websites
What are the Different Types of Websites

What are the Different Types of Websites

What are the Different Types of Websites

A website is referred to as a collection of various web pages. Webpage are the documents which we access through Internet. You can reach to a web page by clicking on a link or putting a query in any search engine.Names That Mean Death

In earlier days, websites used to be only informational and contained usually texts only. But today we have got numerous types of websites, each having different purpose to fulfill.

But a website can also include features of two or more websites, thus called as hybrid or fusion website. We are going to discuss some basic types of websites based on their content and features they offer.

Types of Websites
Here are the different types of websites that are commonly known.

Search engines and Directory types of websites
These are the sites most popular in the world. These websites help you find any information in the world and also information in their portal. While many websites like Google, keep their home page simple, sites like Yahoo prefer to keep a more portal like look featuring many things in one page.

Informational websites
The main purpose of these websites is to provide information whether paid or free. This information may be about a specific industry or can be wider in scope thus called as news portals.

They may contain various types of information such as reference materials, TV guides, Sports data, stock market data, weather reports etc. Example for such websites is CNN.com.

Personal websites
You can also create your own website which doesn’t require you to be a genius. Personal websites are the fastest growing websites on internet today.

They can contain any type of information depending on its owner. Anybody can create his/her own website with the help of free hosting accounts and templates available online. For example, Stallman.org.

Blogs can be called as online diaries and can be made using free online services such as Blogger.com by Google. Blogs are very easy to create and manage and you can even earn from it.

You can write blogs on any topic such as personal experience, thoughts, technical, health, sports, politics and so on.

Company websites
Company websites are very important. They can be large or small, profit or non-profit business. Company websites usually contain information about its business, clients and services.

They are like online brochure because they usually remain static and do not change very often. But nowadays companies are making their websites more and more interactive including many new features and services.

eCommerce or Online stores
You can buy anything online these days. Not only tangible products but also various services can be bought online such as matrimony and travels sites. Payments on these sites can be done through gateways such as moneybookers.com or PayPal.com.

Web 2.0 types of websites
Web 2.0 mainly emphasizes on websites which offer any particular service. Their purpose can be anything such as communication or information storage.

Examples of these websites are Flickr.com and Google docs. Web 2.0 is a new version of Web and is changing static websites into highly interactive.

Social Networking sites
These are one of the most popular types of Web 2.0 websites. You can locate your old friends and far off relatives on these sites and also make new friends from all over the world.

Some very popular social networking websites are Facebook, Orkut, linkedin, Twitter etc. They not only help you make friends but include various interesting features.

File-sharing websites
As internet speed has increased more and more, the importance of file sharing websites has increased nowadays. You can find music, videos, albums and many files on these sites. These websites offer free as well as paid memberships.

As these sites have huge collection of files, it would be difficult to search out of them if you do not know the link. That is why some websites offer search portals through which you can enter what you would like to search for. Examples of these sites are Rapidshare.com, loadingvault.com etc.

Photo-sharing websites
These websites provide free or paid photo sharing and are becoming very popular these days. They are best option to look for if you want to have pictures for your websites or blogs. Examples are Flickr.com, photosite.com etc.

Community building websites
Their main purpose is to build online communities by bringing people together who share similar interests. There are online forums on almost any subject, where you can share your mutual interests and opinions.

They are also a major source of obtaining information on anything. Example LinkedIn, MySpace.com.

Online business brochure/catalog
Before internet, their used to be other means such as print, television, radio etc to advertise for your business. But now with the help of online brochures and catalogs, you can let more and more people know about your business such as beauty-stylist, day-care, dentist etc.

These were few basic types of websites and the millions of websites on the Web today may fall in these categories or combine features of more than one.

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