, Ray Mirra Career Highlights
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Ray Mirra Career Highlights

Career Highlights

Known as “The Ray Mirra,” Ray Mirra has been broadcasting for over 20 years from his home in broadcasting. He is best known for his radio voice, but also does podcasting and voice over work. Described as a “no-nonsense, straight-forward guy,” Ray Mirra has always delivered quality content. Throughout his career, Ray Mirra has worked as a sports reporter, radio show host, radio presenter, radio producer, game commentator, weatherman, and has even written books.

Early life and education: Ray began his career at WABC in New York City as a radio announcer for WCCO. His work as an announcer started out on a morning news program. He quickly moved up the ladder to play other stations in the city including WABC in Boston, WLNY in New York City, WKBW in Buffalo, and WHTZ in Pittsburgh. He was also employed by The Sports Network in the United States, which is now calling NBC Sports.

Personal characteristics: Ray is a passionate person with an exceptional way with words. He is incredibly humorous, has a unique sense of humor, and can be very entertaining. Some call him a “spoken word artist.” Ray’s friendly demeanor and pleasant voices are top notch. Ray is known as a strong communicator and does not hesitate to challenge others in his work atmosphere or even in private. Ray is also well known for his love of golf.

Career choice: Upon leaving radio, Ray ventured into the world of publishing, first being published by cassette tapes in 1969. From there, he went to publish a book in cassette, followed by several more. Later in the seventies, he published a novel that became quite successful. He has also published several poems and stories that have won him many awards. The books he co-authored have all gone gold.

, Ray Mirra Career Highlights

Radio career

After leaving WLNY, Ray established himself at WKRT in Philadelphia, where he hosted his own talk show called Talk of Town. This ended up being rather successful, as listeners loved his witty comments and his quick mind. In 1975, Ray decided to move to New York City and start working at WQED (WPXW). Here, he was quite popular, receiving critical acclaim for his news reports. After several years in New York City, he decided to move back to California to pursue his acting career. He was able to successfully land some small roles in films such as Stagecoach, Leave Me To Drown, and Saturday Night Fever.

Career: After numerous attempts to rekindle the success of his early days, Ray finally found success with his own cable television show, KROI. The show, which lasted almost two decades, was extremely successful, earning Ray two Emmys, as well as several Grammys. The show became popular among a new generation of viewers who appreciated witty, intelligent humor. KROI also featured other guests such as supermodel Christie Brinkley, Whoopi Goldberg, Tom Arnold, and other well-known personalities from the world of show business. KROI was syndicated in over 100 different countries worldwide.

, Ray Mirra Career Highlights

Movies Business

Ray is most famous for his work in the genre of film and television. Some of his more memorable characters are Kato, Kojakaj, Chief Brodie and the villain of the hit movie Die Hard, John McClane. In addition, Ray is well known for his portrayal of police officer John McClane in the movie Die Hard. Ray also appeared in the TV movie 24, as well as the Harry Potter movie, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.

, Ray Mirra Career Highlights

Ray has been involved in a number of businesses throughout his lifetime. One of his most successful ventures was buying and franchising the KFC restaurant chain. KFC became one of the world’s biggest restaurant chains, offering food lovers’ foodies’ delight and much bargain shopping. Ray has also launched a number of successful independent movie franchises including Gran Torino, Picnic at Tiffany’s, Ramada Plaza, Chili’s Chinese Food, and several others. Most recently, Ray opened the Ray Mirra Hillsboro Grill, an upscale burger and grill establishment. As his ventures continue to prosper, expect more movies, more television appearances, more business deals, and more partnerships to come.

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