, Top 4 Deciduous Trees To Get The Shade In Summer

Top 4 Deciduous Trees To Get The Shade In Summer

It is a common sight of people wondering about the trees they need to get during the warmer months where they are confused about the trees they need for cool shade. Along with this, their tree should also provide light during winter. In this segment, we will be looking at the answers to this confusion along with keeping in mind that they should be well suited for the climate too.

Some of the common preferences people have are to get a tree which they can bring to their yard where small kids play as well, while some have simple preferences such as the shade in the summer heat to keep their cool. Some simply look to grow the tree large whereas some ask for tree lopping professionals to make their yard look very decent. Keeping all such preferences in mind, we have shortlisted a few of our personal favorites. Keep reading to find your pick:


There are different shapes and sizes of maples available for you to plant. These are fast-growing plants when they are quite young and hence there are so many types of maple available, you can find the best as per your needs. These are the most common types mostly used:

(a) Sugar maple: this specific maple tree is known for the leaf display it puts out on the national flag of Canada and is the first source of maple syrup. This is a very tree once it is at its full expansion hence the small homeowners should avoid this however it goes well with the right area during summer.

(b) Japanese maple: the type of maple is comparatively smaller but has a very fast growth rate. These trees are used widely in various gardens as they provide a nice branching with an umbrella-based canopy.


Another very popular pick for deciduous trees in our list for you. These trees are very beautiful and provide a quick growth rate. Let’s look at the favorite birch type you can choose from for your region:

(a) Silver birch: this birch tree is the most commonly available and the name suggests you it has a silver-white trunk. The drooping habit is there with delicate foliage. The growth rate of any silver birch is about the height of 10m (33ft) with a widespread of 6m (20ft). So make sure before planting that the dimensions are kept in mind before you look to bring this in your yard. The growth of this birch is very quick but it takes a while before you will see a full spread of the development in the canopy. If you are looking to get a quick shade for your summer, consider getting 3 groves or more.

(b)Cut-leaf birch: this is another silver birch type that showcases its beautiful white trunk. However, this particular birch is the national tree of Sweden and the difference between this and silver is the leaves that are serrated and have prominent points.


These are beautiful large trees that are well known for the iconic acorns they have. Let’s take a look at our favorite type you could have for your summer shade.

(a) English oak: this is a very large tree that goes on to live for a long period that might not pick its full maturity in our lifetime at least. They have a wide-open canopy that allows dappled light to do the penetration.

(b)Red oak tree: this tree is usually preferred in the yard for the striking red autumn foliage it has. In the colder climate, you will achieve better vibrancy with the shades. Just like any other oak, this oak type is also a very long living tree and the growth rate of red oak is comparatively faster than usual English oak.

4. Ash:

With this tree type, we have 2 types of popular choices to go within your yard when you are looking to choose for the shade. Golden ash and claret ash are the ones that have gained popularity over years.

(a) Golden ash: this type of ash tree is quite popular and a beautiful hardy tree you have to pick for. During the spring and summer, the foliage shows a green/lime color whereas with autumn the color goes to look golden-yellow. Since the root system is quite deep and expansive, it can easily withstand the tough summer condition. The name golden ash comes from the yellow bark it has.

(b) Claret ash: this tree type of ash was discovered back in a nursery in South Australia. This is a beautiful hardy tree and most people believe it has the best striking ash amongst all. During the warmer months, you can see it has a deep dark green color on its leaves. Once the autumn hits, the real show of beauty starts with their leaves that show a striking plum-purple color.

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