, What Is Biography Ray Mirra Pharmacy ?

What Is Biography Ray Mirra Pharmacy ?

Recognized and Respected Pharmacologist

Ray Mirra is a highly recognized and respected pharmacologist, educator and practitioner. Born in Pittsburgh, he received his degree from Harvard University. Ray Mirra has been a practicing independently for the last 27 years, specializing in research studies of the health effects of nutrition and drug interactions. As a pharmacist and educator, he has developed many educational programs on drug interactions and pharmacological as well as managerial skills. His books on pharmacology have consistently received favorable reviews by colleagues and students alike.
Dr. Ray M. Mirra is a practicing physician who holds a master’s degree in pharmacology from the University of Pittsburgh. He is also a certified clinical and research associate with the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). Prior to becoming a practicing physician, he held positions with the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the National Institute of Health (NIH). He has conducted studies and trials on a wide range of drugs, therapeutic and diagnostic, in the process of assisting patients with various medical challenges.
The biographer of Ray Mirra is responsible for maintaining the Ray Mirra Pharmacuetical Bibliography. This is an extensive listing of publications that focus on Ray Mirra’s career accomplishments. The biographer updates readers about any research studies or clinical trials that were published since his retirement. The majority of the articles focus on studies conducted in the United States, although some articles are available in Europe and Asia.

Career As A Practitioner

In addition to providing an account of studies conducted by Ray Mirra, this book provides information regarding his career as a practitioner. A number of his published works include texts on drug actions, pharmacology, toxicology, nutritional studies and therapeutic areas of study. In addition to being a pharmacist, Ray Mirra also served for many years as a psychiatrist and clinical psychologist. Some of the studies he conducted during his career also dealt with alcoholism and addiction. These studies focused on identifying the biological basis of substance abuse and addiction and their treatment.
An impressive list of publications provided by the biographer of Ray Mirra includes peer-reviewed journal articles that focus on his career achievements as both a clinical and pharmacological psychologist and pharmacotherapies. These include” Pharmacologic Treatments of Schizophrenia” and” Pharmacologic Approaches to the Treatment of Nicotine With Psychosis.” The article “Pharmacological Therapies in Clinical Practice: An Update,” published in the Journal of Clinical Pharmacology in 1997 focuses on his work with post-traumatic stress disorders in Vietnam. Other studies focused on the pharmacological treatment of depression, anxiety and stress related disorders.
In terms of research studies, Raymond Mirra coauthored an article in the Journal of Law and Business Studies in which he presented his findings on how pharmacists can aid in the process of drug identification. His work focuses on building rapport between pharmacists and patients. According to this article, pharmacists should not only be able to identify drugs through their knowledge of anatomy and physiology but also their knowledge of the side effects of these drugs. They must also be familiar with the contraindications of the drugs in order to administer them.

Work In Pharmacology

In addition to his work in pharmacology, Ray Mirra is also an expert on drug identification. He has authored over 250 peer-reviewed publications on this subject. One of his most well-known books is The pharmacological approach to drug identification. This book discusses the similarities and differences between traditional methods of drug identification, analyzes the current methods and recommends new methods for future application.
Ray Mirra was awarded a number of awards, including the Outstanding Pharmacist Award from the American Board of Pharmacy in 1986. This is an honor that pharmacist who values his education most would not want to forget. His honors include the Outstanding Pharmacy Technologist Award from the same organization in 1987, the Outstanding Pharmacy Executive award from the same organization in 1990, and the Pharmacy Technician of the Year from the same organization in 1992. These awards are the result of his dedication to education and to his profession.
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