, What is the i9 verification service in usa?

What is the i9 verification service in usa?

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The i9 verification service process is done by filling out an I-9 form which will be then checked against government records for accuracy and authenticity of information provided on the I-9 form. If everything checks out, you will receive your Employment Authorization Document (EAD) from immigration services within three weeks. 

This document proves that you are allowed to work legally in the United States while it also acts as a travel permit for reentry if you leave the country temporarily. 

It is a very important and common procedure in the United States, especially during elections. It is also used to identify people who are trying to get into sensitive facilities such as airports or nuclear power plants. 

Benefits of i9 verification in the USA?

i9 verification USA provides employment to the people in USA. while i9 verification process, every employer will provide filled forms and documents to government authority that helps for future identification of employers. these credentials like copies, photos, signatures are provided to government agency by employer after applying i9 verification.

i9 form USA must be filed for each employee working at the time of hiring. There is no minimum number of employees who have been hired by the company as long as it is a legal entity registered in the USA.

All employers are required to file a new Form I-9 within three days from the date any new employee has started an employment with them. This process of filing i 9 must be done only once per year or whenever an employee joins a company. There is  no maximum number of employees which can be hired by a single company.

All employers are to use the E-Verify program for i9 verification within three days from the date of hire and request duplicate copy after filing online [4]. Form I-9 is only used for confirming identity, citizenship and employment authorization. If an employer finds any mismatch in details entered then the request will not be generated online. It is recommended that employers should file a new form i 9 if employee information has changed or more information is required for comparison purposes such as birth certificate, marriage certificate etc..

It is really very important to note that there may be penalties imposed on those companies which have submitted inaccurate data before the E-verify system became activated. At present time all the employers need to submit an up to date I -9 form with the E-verify system, duly filled and signed in order to avoid penalties.

i9 verification services are required to be submitted when employees start work or if they have been absent for a long period of time. The I-9 form is used by the federal government and an employer needs to verify that all new hires can legally work in the United States, as well as check for any discrepancies such as social security numbers on file with the IRS. PDX Signing provides this service through their secure online platform so you don’t need to worry about hiring someone who might not be eligible for employment at your company. Contact us today!

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