, 10 Amazing Loft Bathroom Ideas to Utilise the Space Ideally

10 Amazing Loft Bathroom Ideas to Utilise the Space Ideally

Loft is a unique spot that can be utilised in any space- study, home office, theatre, bed room and bathroom. Yes, it provides the golden opportunity to design an extra bathroom to your home.

However, lofts do possess some awkward shape especially the walls and ceilings. Have you ever thought how a loft can be converted into a relaxing bathing space? In this blog, we’ll try to find out the answer.

  1. Display the bath

At the side of the pitched roof you can install little window! And to frame the look install a freestanding tub for an eye-catching relaxing bubble bath. White tiles and wooden hues make the split flooring fantastic. This makes the loft conversion bathroom more spacious and instant minimalistic look with glamorous touch.

  1. Reach out to beyond the sky

Slightly stretch the budget to get the skylight from one end to another to obtain an openly feel. The window will eradicate the cramped effect filling you with showering amidst nature night and day.

  1. Install the widest window

Always install the large windows in this space. Otherwise, the feel will be cramped. Ask the designer of your loft conversion bathrooms in London to place widest window to allow plenty of light with full-sky view to obtain the heavenly bliss while relaxing in your bubble-bath or soaking in the rose-water bath tub.

  1. Utilise natural lighting

Loft obtains relatively higher amount of light in contrary to low storeys. A big credit goes to the skylight that allows optimum entry of natural light into the loft bathroom. All you need to do is to install a vanity unit below the window roof to obtain unparalleled natural light to carry out various grooming tasks. Wall lights with light-diffusing feature can enhance natural light effects as well.

  1. Install a by-window seat

The best spot for placing bench seat is underneath the eaves. Decor of the walls below the windows using chunky stones with wooden topping can provide room to sit and stuff the accessories. If the space is limited then you may try out the storage space booster by installing hollow bench along lift-up lid.

  1. Make a mini-sanctuary inside

In case there is sufficed space in the bathroom, you can try out some new loft conversion bathrooms ideas. May be it can be the space to convert into the relaxing haven?

Loft is an exceptional spot of the home where you can add a chair or two to sit comfortably and enjoy the nature outside. You can listen to the chirping of birds while appreciating natural beauty with no cacophony of busy city life.

  1. Carve the shower room

When bathroom is carved out from a small loft spaces then use the eaves for the complete en-suite shower space. Just place a ledge marble top for keeping toiletries and the wide glass roof will make the little space airy and brighter.

  1. Make use of the sloppy ceilings

Obviously, the design of the bathroom can ruin due to the sloppy ceiling. So a little amount of work can make the space a rendezvous destination to the outside world. Place your basin before the window within the 2 sloping walls and use the ills as easy-accessible shelf that never gets interfered by low ceiling height.

  1. Exhibit the decor

Embrace the craftsmanship of the loft conversion bathroom by exhibiting minimal raw materials to provide a rustic and soothing look. Instead of hiding the angles and slopes, you can explore the features of wooden beams and brickworks. Just install freestanding copper bath for perfect blend or combination.

  1. Organise smartly

When the structure is ready, organise where to install each fitting so that it looks natural, practical and perfect. Immeasurable ways are there by which a bathroom can be organised or stuffed. The bath is better to place under the lowest wall from where you can gaze the blue sky.

Whilst you hire an expert to make a bathroom converting the loft space, consider the space at first. Accordingly ask to offer the most suitable designs that make the bathroom a real escape to the nature. Even inquire about loft conversion bathrooms costs so that you can transform the loft within your budget.

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