, Everything You Need to Know About Automated Driveway Gate

Everything You Need to Know About Automated Driveway Gate

When it comes to automating your entry gate, you will have plenty of alternatives to consider – from keypads and telephone entry systems to emergency features. It is always a crucial decision on what appropriate equipment to use for an automatic driveway gate. You also need to have emergency plans ready for your automated gate just in case there will be an unexpected occurrence. Here at Access Driveway Gates, we will help you choose the proper alternatives and options in choosing your automatic driveway gate system suited for your home, as well as preparing the perfect emergency backup plans just for your driveway gate.

Selecting The Appropriate Automatic Driveway Gate Equipment.

Whether your installation requires electromechanical gate operators, hydraulic gate operators, barrier arms, or sliding gates, choosing the proper equipment is the most crucial 1st step. Remote control transmitters, keypads, EZ-Pass-style RFID readers, or in-ground magnetic sensors are frequently used to activate automatic driveway entryways. Access Driveway Gates works closely with the best manufacturers in the market. We have trusted professionals here at Access Driveway Gates to help you choose the proper equipment that best suits your demands and budget.

The simplest way in automatic driveway gate systems includes a remote-control transmitter that you use to open and close your driveway gate in the same way that you would a garage door.  The conventional gate system installations are the next upgrade, and they often feature a transmitter that includes in-ground sensors. The gate closes automatically after about 30 seconds once you click to open it. In most cases, there are three in-ground magnetic sensors for automatic driveway gates – one for free entrance, one for a free exit, and one for safety purposes. When these sensors identify massive metal objects, the driveway gate will open automatically. These sensors offer great convenience, but they are not a great option in terms of security.

One of the in-demand automatic driveway gate systems is the telephone entry system. Visitors are required to use keypads to request gate access from the owner. The free entrance and exit controller instantly open the gate after the owner grants you access.

RFID EZ-pass type activation is the preferred method for high-security establishments. Having an appropriate EZ pass will grant any vehicle access, and the gates will automatically open as they approach. It is very convenient and eliminates the need for transmitters. The system also keeps track of the date/time, including the tag number and who it belongs to, as an added security feature.

Advanced Security Features.

For additional security features, the following must be considered:

  • Telephone access programs allow frequent visitors to use the keypad, but the others must undergo screening by dialing a phone number of your choice.
  • Electric driveway gates with timed security codes that allow access only at certain hours or days.
  • The passcodes used are recorded in activity logs.
  • At the front gate, automated surveillance camera systems can be installed to monitor activities 24 hours a day.

Emergency Plans.

Battery Back-up Plans. It’s always a smart option to be ready. It is extremely important to understand your automated driveway gate’s designed safety measures and investigate additional choices that could come in handy in an emergency. In the case of sudden power interruption, having a separated backup battery will keep your automated driveway gate operational. For most automated entryway systems, Access Driveway Gates offers a battery backup option. You can program your gate to remain open until power is eventually restored or to function normally until the battery runs out.

Integrated Home Alarm System. You can also link your automated driveway gate to your home security system. When your home’s security alarm goes off, the gate can be programmed to keep in an open position, granting access for the first rescuers and emergency responders. Access Driveway Gates can customize emergency systems for your gates to grant access to emergency responders and emergency vehicles in emergencies.

Gate Manual Mode. You can manually activate your gate if your gate doesn’t have any backup power system. In overriding any automated gate system, most driveway gates have an emergency manual mechanism on them. Access Driveway Gates can personally demonstrate how to access it manually during emergencies like power interruptions.

Surge Protection. Surge Protection Device is considered as one of the most efficient types of protection against overvoltage. Here at Access Driveway Gates, all newly installed driveway gate system comes with integrated surge protection system and older driveway gate systems can also be retrofitted with it. Inquire about our advanced surge protection system package if you live in high-danger areas. While there is no guarantee about lightning protection, Access Driveway Gates can help you dramatically lessen the danger, thanks to our surge protection system for driveway gates.

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