, How to Clean a Coffee Pot – 2 Easy Steps

How to Clean a Coffee Pot – 2 Easy Steps

How to clean a coffee pot is a general question asked by every coffee lover who makes coffee at home in a coffee maker. If you don’t clean it regularly then the coffee oils left by brewed coffee over time will go rancid and taste bad and can also be harmful to your health.


Here in this article, we are going to discuss different ways to clean a coffee pot using only two ingredients that are easily available in your kitchen.


Cleaning with vinegar


Vinegar is an acetic acid that has special properties in removing stains from utensils. This ingredient makes your coffee maker clean and sparkle like never before and you would again love to make coffee in it. Whatever coffee maker you are using vinegar and water mixture works wonders for every machine.


What do you need?


  • Vinegar
  • Water
  • Coffee maker




Step 1: Mix vinegar and water in the reservoir in such a way that the reservoir is half-filled with vinegar and half water. You can increase or decrease the ratio according to the mineral deposit and buildup in it and the type of coffee maker you are using.


Step 2: Place the filter in the basket and turn on the brewer up to half the cycle and let the mixture soak in there for about half an hour or an hour depending upon the mineral buildup in the coffee maker. This will allow the mineral deposit to get weaken up by the vinegar.


Step 3: Again turn on the coffee and run a complete brew cycle and pour out the mixture from the coffee maker. Now fill the reservoir again with fresh water and run a complete brew cycle and then pour that water out.


Do it again and again till the coffee maker is properly cleaned and the scent and flavor of vinegar have been completely removed.

Step 4:
Wipe the coffee maker with a soft cloth let it air dry. Make sure you dry up your coffee maker properly as leftover water or moisture may increase the chances of bacteria buildup in the machine.


Cleaning with dishwasher soap


Dishwasher soap is something that is regularly used in our kitchen for washing utensils and other kitchen materials. A variety of dishwashers is available in the market under different ranges and a normal range dishwasher will do your work of cleaning the coffee maker.


Using a dishwasher for cleaning a coffee maker is easy just like washing your utensil. The dishwasher-safe parts can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher and other parts are cleaned with proper care by following the instruction given with the coffee maker because every coffee maker has its different styles of cleaning.


How often should you do this?


Cleaning is an important process that needs to be followed using any appliance and it should be done regularly for maintaining proper hygiene and keeping you healthy every time you drink your cup of coffee. It is a vital process because every time you leave your coffee maker unclean then the moisture in the coffee maker makes a healthy environment for the growth of bacteria.


It would be best if you clean your coffee maker after every use especially if you are using hard water for making coffee, as it will help in keeping you healthy as well as increase the life of the coffee maker.


Cleaning is a very important process as it increases the durability of the appliance. The above-mentioned ways of cleaning coffee pots are very simple and the ingredients are easily available in-house. There other commonly used cleaning agent is baking soda but the above-mentioned two are free from any side effects.


Keep you surrounding and appliances clean to maintain your healthy lifestyle.

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