, How to go about home decor in each room
An idea for a romantic dinner night, as you can experiment with table accents along with scented candles to set up a beautiful evening.

How to go about home decor in each room

One of the main mistakes that we could make while going for our home decor, is not following a step-by-step approach. Often, we become chaotic as we try and do multiple things in multiple rooms, at the same time. Doing this, drastically reduces the clarity of work as we are unable to give undivided attention to any room. Therefore, let us talk about the things to remember while going throughthe process of home décor, room-by-room.

A fundamental part to finish shaping the decoration of your living room, is the choice of upholstery and textile for any cushion, curtains and walls.

Sofas and armchairs are the pieces that capture all the attention in the living room, therefore we must be very careful when choosing the design and upholstery.

Light colors and small prints:

They give a feeling of spaciousness and provide a lot of light. On the contrary, dark colors and larger prints give more prominence to upholstery and decoration.

Smooth upholstery with stamped cushions:

When you use an upholstery with light colors with printed cushions, avoid overloading the rest of the decoration, so you will get the upholstery to be the powerful part in your decoration.

Furniture. As we have said before, it is important to be clear about the distribution, what fits and what does not, where it will be located and the measures we have.

Carpets. It is important to use them as they decorate and give warmth.

Pictures and plates. A living room with empty walls gives the feeling of incomplete, this does not mean that you should fill every corner, but decorating the walls is important. Any tables, or drawer tops could also be enhanced with table decor

Lighting. It is a complex part in any room, in the living room in particular you have to have three main types of lighting; environment, work and roof. They must be placed at different levels throughout the room.

At the same time, you can also use scented candles for a romantic dinner night, or just for the pleasant aroma


The bedroom should be your sanctuary. Choose soft colors and a quiet palette of monochromatic tones, blue, lavender, green tones are considered quiet, and having those tones in your home decoration items will give a serene look.

The ceiling is the fifth wall of your bedroom. Adding a touch of color to the ceiling will give the bedroom a feeling of comfort and intimacy.

Furnish the room only with what you need, any furniture you place that is not useful will help the clutter.

As with decorative accessories, keep them to a minimum. Choose a croissed, some family photos, candle flowers and ya.

To get the feeling of serenity in your bedroom, do not leave your things in sight, so it will look quieter and more spacious.

A custom organization system can help you make the most of your storage space.

There is nothing that adds more comfort to a bedroom like sheets, nor more decorative than a plaid with cushions covers online decorating the quilt.

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