, HVAC Cleaning Process and methods

HVAC Cleaning Process and methods

There are numerous residential and commercial edifice is most of the time established with ventilation, HVAC, or the heating and cooling air canals. We all know for a fact that these pipes are assembled so tightly that there is a rare chance that fresh air will circulate at the same time. If it is so then there is a high chance that air pollutants will gather in the air canals. There are some serious effects of this as there is a high chance that these pollutants will convert into irritants having a negative impact on the health of occupants of the building. In most cases these pollutants will be a cause of health issues while in other cases it may be a reason for damage to your home. Here in this article, we will let you know about HVAC Cleaning in Roswell process and methods that could be adopted to avoid such problems. 


  • Reduction in Pollutants

When you go for HVAC vacuuming it will reduce the pollutant drastically helping to improve the indoor air quality and also improving the health of occupants. There are numerous other suggestions for duct washing. But, the best way to hire the HVAC contractor is by knowing about the best practices for air duct cleaning in Atlanta. This would help you to properly and also reduce the appearance of rodents that have made your life miserable. 


The Drawback

There is a drawback of doing this yourself. The major reason we do not recommend doing this by yourself as it could be a reason for damaging for your air canals. But to improve the air quality of the house it is strongly recommended to go for a professional service. The HVAC system will inspect the HVAC system thoroughly and let you know if you need HVAC clear-out services recently or not. 

Common Methods Used for HVAC Cleaning

There are numerous methods that are being used for cleaning of heating and cooling system. There is a standard method that is used commonly for cleaning HVAC systems. With the improvement in technology, the method is improved. Following are some of the most common methods that are used for Air canal cleaning. 


  • Power Vacuum or Air Sweep:

This is the best method of duct cleaning despite the fact that it is the most expensive method of all. We are sure of the fact that it will get the job done with extreme care. This is the method that is being used mostly by big companies and people who spare a high budgets for their air vessel system cleaning. 

  • Point of Contact:

If we compare this method with other methods this is not as effective as the air sweep method however, it is considered as one of the safest methods of all. Moreover, the cots required for this method is also low than others. It uses a vacuum and spinning brush to clean out the tools. 

  • Removing the Source: 

This is considered as one of the most common methods among the three methods available in air ducts. This method uses mechanical agitation that helps to lose out the dirt and debris and extract and assist in reducing everything in a very safe and secure manner. 


The process to clean HVAC Air pipes system

  • The first step in this is to zone out the supply and return side. This is the first and one of the most significant steps as it helps to clean out the registers separately. To achieve this zone bags are required. 
  • Moving on you need to access the supply side the supply line there needs a hole to be cut in. From this hole the technician will connect the vacuum that is being used with the connection collar. The vacuum needs to be turned on from the outside. It is important to ensure that all the supply registers are closed properly so that you can create maximum negative pressure. When the negative pressure is at its peak the technician will wash out the duct at a time. All the ducts in your HVAC system will be scrubbed using the viper whip system. You should note down that the technician will snake down 20 plus ft inside the vent. This step ensures that dust and the debris inside the canals are dislodged that is stuck on the main trunk lines.
  • The moment all the supply branches are clean the main trunk, as well as plenum drop, will be washed by vacuum with the help of high pressure that enables air compressed agitation air whipping tools.
  • Now all your supply line is completely washed out with debris, it is time to work on the returns side. Now a similar method will be used to clean the return line that will help you to cut the access hole. At last, the vacuum is associated with the construction collar and will then be switched on. 
  • Working on the return ducts you will have to clean the return register with a viper whip system. This system will allow you to snake down 20 plus ft inside each of the vents. This step will enable you to disconnect the debris clogged in the main trunk lines. 
  • Once all the ductwork is cleaned it’s time to get the ductwork sterilized. This will also include the main trunk lines. 
  • Moving ahead the technician will also wash the furnace, squirrel cage, and blower motor.
  • Now all the duct system has been cleaned properly now it’s time to get the access holes closed. The technicians use high-quality sheet metal to seal all such holes. This cleaning and closing method will enable technicians to connect the duct system for future vacuuming. 
  • The last step includes a walk-through that allows you to ensure that everything is cleaned properly. 


Since the introduction of the HVAC system, these methods have been available. But the techniques have evolved with time and since that time there has been a lot of work done by experienced HVAC contractors which is the reason you find effective methods of cleaning. 


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