, Is it Okay to Use a Regular Mirror in the Bathroom?

Is it Okay to Use a Regular Mirror in the Bathroom?

, Is it Okay to Use a Regular Mirror in the Bathroom?

Decorating is an art. The aesthetics are important but there’s also the functionality of space to consider. Mirrors in your bathroom provide not only style, but they also make you feel better when getting ready for work or school because it helps brighten up otherwise dark spaces and put some light at eye level where we typically go about our daily tasks before leaving home- so why wouldn’t mirrors be necessary?

The bathroom mirror is the most important mirror in a house, performing many tasks. It’s your best friend in the morning. When you wake up, it helps fix your hair and face when needed to prepare for what is ahead of you! But this utilitarian function has an aesthetic quality–a genuine bathroom mirror can add depth to a small room; however, its second job might be just as vital for safety reasons too.

How Do Moisture and Humidity Affect a Mirror?

Bathrooms get wet and steamy. Your mirror must be able to stand up to this damp environment. If you’re using a wood or metal framed mirror; you could have a problem with your bathroom making the surface too moist for its frame backing causing it to slowly break down, warping, or rusting on its fragile frame!

You will want to go frameless so that there is no risk of getting any mold in between the glass and framing which can cause discoloration over time like age spots on skin!

Go with mirrors made specifically for bathrooms because they are durable enough not only to withstand moisture. But also handle constant use without succumbing to damage like that old fashioned ones-you don’t need them anyways if our houses all come with a dishwasher.

But the truth is that modern-day knives are just as durable and long-lasting, why would you want to be stuck in an era where every dirty plate was hand washed?

You can still use a Victorian wooden framed mirror or art deco metal framed mirror, but make sure you have safety glass installed in the frame.

Why Does a Bathroom Mirror Need to Be Safe?

When you’re bathing, it’s not the best idea to have a lot of clothing on. If there is any broken glass in your bathroom or shower area, you’ll be thanking yourself for having tempered glass mirrors.

These are available at many home improvement stores and can make all the difference when taking care of personal hygiene needs – no one wants their feet to get cut up! Regular mirrored surfaces do not offer this same level of safety.

They may only have a plastic film over them that could easily become scratched off with time without even knowing it until an injury occurs from stepping into sharp edges while barefoot. Which would you rather step on?

Laminated glass is much more durable than traditional windows. The vinyl layer between the two sheets of glass prevents any large pieces from breaking off, so injury will be avoided if it breaks during an incident like a car crash or other disturbance. A wall size mirror can help you to get your desired solution. 

How High Should You Hang Your Mirror?

Different people have different preferences for the height of a mirror. Some say it should be hung in between your sink and lighting while others prefer to hang it a few inches above their faucet.

The mirror should go a few inches above the faucet, center it between the sink and lighting.

Any of these methods will work but I find that the first method mentioned is best because you want to be able to see into it without any problems (so in the end throw out your ruler).

Hold up your mirror if when looking at yourself you can still make eye contact then it’s high enough!

You Can Decorate with Mirrors in Many Ways.

Why limit yourself to just one mirror in the bathroom when you can have a whole wall of them? Think about how much light and space this would create for such a small room. Just purchase some square mirrors, cover an entire wall with them, and enjoy your new home!

It’s time to show off your style! Many vanities have two mirrors, but they don’t necessarily need to match. Personally, I would recommend that the pair be very close in size and shape so you can see what both of us are doing at once – we’re all about performing our best selves for each other today (and every day). But if you choose different styles it will just make this experience more creative and memorable.

This is the perfect way to turn a boring bathroom into an artistic masterpiece. You can place two mirrors over one sink and they’ll overlay perfectly, creating a work of art that will have everyone admiring your handiwork! Read more about bathroom decoration ideas.


If your bathroom does not have a mirror and this would be helpful to shave, then yes. If your bathroom has a full-length mirror and there’s no need for another one, then don’t bother putting one up in the space. Bathrooms with mirrors often show signs of wear faster than other spaces since they’re used so frequently! So if you don’t want to invest time or money into upkeep, just leave it out altogether.

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