, Top Biophilia Trends in Architecture: Bring Nature Closer to Your Workspace

Top Biophilia Trends in Architecture: Bring Nature Closer to Your Workspace

Have you been obsessed with gardening or stepping closer and closer to nature wherever you go?

Well, Biophilia must not be a foreign concept to you lot! Luckily for you, you can incorporate nature into the space you live and work too.

The following Biophilia trends in architecture will satiate your needs while also positively affecting your quality of life. Scroll away and take a look at what suits your workspace the best!

Placement of Natural Light

The only source of nature more abundant than water is the sun that gives us natural light. Believe it or not, research shows that light can impact your mood and attitude towards work.

Not to mention, it also keeps your eyes from straining on.

Organizing your windows and doors in the workspace should be according to the sun and the climate. It is also a style of sustainability that reflects on your responsibility towards nature.

The more you make use of the natural light, the lesser artificial sources you will use instead. Moreover, it also affects the heat and warmth.

The Power of Water

Do you ever stop to think why there is always a fish tank or aquarium in waiting rooms? Or why can kids spend time endlessly just staring at the fish?

Well, water seems to have a significant effect on our psychology. It keeps our minds calm and keeps us from feeling anxious.

And nobody needs to explain the importance of a stable mind in the workspace.

Harness the Outdoor Scapes

Sure, it is not easy for you to have the luxury of large open spaces in your workplace. However, as the building owner, you can choose to settle for places with terraces and such.

So, it does not necessarily have to be ‘desks in nature’ kind of an arrangement. As long as your office provides you an open space to escape during breaks, you are good to go.

If your building is yet to go on blueprints, make sure you approach the best architectural consultants for this strategy.

The Beauty of Rocks and Shells

The one unbeatable part about nature is that nothing else is as versatile as it is. While the first thing that occurs to you when you think of nature might be plants, there’s a lot more to the story.

There is a reason why we feel tempted to pick up unique rocks and shells on a beach day!

Moreover, crystals and stones have a certain energy to them. So if you use it positively, the results will start to show.

Indoor Planting

Lastly, of course, we have the most obvious way of bringing Biophilia trends in architecture.

By placing plants in your workspaces, you actively set out to positively impact your environment and productivity.

The attitude around the office will be fresher and friendlier. Besides, it will also keep the place a lot cooler. So, you would also be saving up on energy expenses.


Biophilia is making a comeback, and it is about time! Nature no longer has to remain separate from your workspaces.

By incorporating these Biophilia trends in architecture, you would enhance the quality of life significantly. So, consult your interior designer and architects to use nature to your advantage!

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