, Why is Affordable Housing Important to Families?

Why is Affordable Housing Important to Families?

For families who cannot afford their monthly rent, there is the constant fear of ending up homeless. Research has shown that an average 4 out of 10 children are in a household where covering basic expenses is a daily struggle. Families who cannot pay for their monthly rent find it difficult to purchase groceries, utilities, or general healthcare. They are often financially and emotionally burdened because of the worry and stress of losing their homes.

Why is an Affordable Home or Apartment Important?

Affordable housing gives families a secure place to live. Children can be raised in a stable and a safe environment. When a family is not focused on living paycheck to paycheck but rather on rearing their family in a home they can afford, it can improve their quality of life. It relieves the chronic stress that many low income households experience because of the concern that they will not be able to provide for their family.

We take a closer look at what affordable housing is, and the many benefits of low income homes for families and children.

What is Affordable Housing for Families?

Affordable housing, which is also known as low income or cheap housing, offers apartments or houses to rent at a lower monthly cost compared to the average rental rates in an area. Rent should not exceed 30% of gross income which is the affordability index established by the US Federal Government.

Low cost apartments include programs such as Section 8, Second Chance Renting, Government Subsidized buildings, and much more.

What are the Benefits of Low Income Homes for a Family?

Caregivers and parents want to provide their children the world. They dream of a safe place to raise a family without the fear of losing their home. Affordable apartments and homes can help them achieve these dreams and goals.

Households eligible for low income homes to rent can receive the following benefits:


Housing stability can protect many financially vulnerable families from becoming homeless.

Support for Schooling and Education

Children who experience frequent moves, the risk of homelessness, and parental stress of financial difficulties suffer from poor academic achievement and school performance. A stable home helps children feel secure and motivated to focus on their schoolwork. This also lays the foundation for their future educational and professional pursuits.

Improvements in Physical and Emotional Health

The threat of not affording a home will have a detrimental impact on general well-being. The stress of being evicted because of high rent can increase anxiety, depression, and even compromise immunity.

Stable rent offered through an affordable housing program helps individuals budget their monthly income. This means that extra funds can be used for children’s schooling, healthcare, groceries, and utilities.

Spare cash every month can also be saved towards buying a future home.

How Affordable Housing Supports Vulnerable Families

Cheap apartments for low income families help individuals afford their monthly rent. When you are financially prepared to cover your expenses, it relieves the emotional burden of being unable to provide for your family and ending up homeless.

There are millions of families who are considered cost burdened as they spend more than half of their monthly wage on their rent. A low cost housing program can relieve such financial pressure because more funds are available to spend on things such as healthcare, education, clothing, and saving for a retirement and a home. When rent is afforded, households no longer have to think about whether they can buy food or whether they will be out on the street.

The importance of affordable housing for families and children cannot be denied. It remains a crucial part of supporting entire communities providing everyone the care and the future they deserve.

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