Android Spy App, Is Android Spy App Beneficial For Kids Safety?

Is Android Spy App Beneficial For Kids Safety?

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A lot of parents are not pretty much influenced by the thought of providing cell phones to the kids. They are of the view that kids’ innocence can be lost due to the usage of cell phones. The kids can involve in viewing inappropriate and immoral content that can erode their moral and social standing in many aspects.

But, there is a counter argument to this pro tip. The argument is that a number of parents also want their kids to have cell phones for the sake of their extended protection. The concerned parents are normally working or single parents who want to keep in touch with their kids for their augmented security in the digital environment. 

It is a well-known fact that these parents need to keep a close watch on the activities of the kids. The said concern of the parents is due to the excessive instances of the involvement of the kids in criminal activities. The kids in the said dynamic are normally those who do not have their parents at home and no one to keep a check and supervise their activities. 

Thus, providing cell phones to the kids can also add to the worries of the parents because they see this situation as a way of their kid’s involvement in immoral activities, thus losing their innocence. 

But, the innocence of the kids can also be ensured through another solution. The solution is the use of cell phone spy app over kids’ smartphones. 

A cell phone spy app can track and monitor each and every bit of activities performing on the target phone in real-time, thus addressing all the worries of the parents by all means. 

The cell phone spy app is normally used for android devices because a major proportion of cell phones existing over the planet are android smartphones.

The best android spy app these days is TheOneSpy, as suggested by the experts of child protection. The app has a promising set of features that truly monitors all the insights into kids’ activities.

Compatibility and features of TheOneSpy

The app is available to be installed on android and iPhone devices as well. The salient features include location tracking, geo-fencing, website blocking and filtering, surround recording, screen recording, social media tracking, email and SMS monitoring, and much more. 

This helps parents in addressing all the pressing concerns regarding kids by all means. 

The android spy app does all the spying without posing any hint to the target user. The child does not even get a bit of hint of the whole spying activity. The app can be installed to the target android device after the purchase of license.

The installation guide is comprehensively discussed over the online portal of the app, in case of facing any difficulty, the parent can take help of the 24/7 customer support of TheOneSpy.

The key features of the app work as follows for serving the parents.

Location tracking

The movement of the target user can be logged and tracked in the form of a trail file. This trail file is saved to the online dashboard. The parent can identify the real-time location of the child at any point of time, by just accessing the trail from the online dashboard.

Geo-fencing the movement

The parent can restrict the movement of the child to certain premises that are considered as inappropriate and crime prone. The parent can assign allowed and forbidden zones to visit by the child, in this way, the android spy app records all the movement of the child over allowed and restricted areas.

Every time, the child tries to visit the prohibited place, the android spy app notifies the parent about the said activity.

Surround recording

This feature is the finest of all. It provides the parent with an extensive look into the activities of the target user. The parent can listen to all the surrounding sounds, and can view the surrounding whereabouts of the child as well.

The feature works by bugging the mic or front or back camera of the target device.

Website blocking

This feature allows the parent to restrict child’s access to the websites that contain inappropriate and immoral content. The parent can block the websites URLs and links. Once blocked, these websites will not be able for access from the target android phone.


The best android spy app nowadays as TheOneSpy. It has a number of features that address the concerns of parents in monitoring their kids all the way.

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