, Canon printer not printing color

Canon printer not printing color

Canon being one of the most reputable companies in the printing business, offers not only a wide range of printers but also as many features within the device as well. This will be done to ensure that the device has been equipped properly for printing in every manner possible. Usually, they come laden with a number of options you can choose out of- color, monochromatic etc.

But sometimes, when in the process of using these devices, what transpires is that the printer might cause simple printer issues when this happens. This is also something which might cause problems like the my canon printer not printer color properly. Ensure that you follow the steps given below to sort out what the error is arising out of when this happens. Another thing which you can do is to make sure that you first follow these steps, and only then opt for customer care as an option.

  1. Usually when the Canon printer is not printing color, this is because of some external concern like a hardware issue. Make sure that you look at the printer hardware for this purpose and see if it is working properly. The entire printer external setup should be analyzed for this purpose too.
  2. The canon printer not printing color could very easily be arising from the problem of the ink cartridge not having enough ink within it. You will have to make sure that on a repeated basis, you keep changing the ink on your device for this purpose. Ensure that your printer’s cartridge has its ink being changed on a constant basis.
  3. One will also have to ensure that the device has been cleaned properly on a constant basis. This is something which will not only help in better printing, but also make sure that it prevents other printer problems from arising on the device too. Ensure that you also keep your device away from the elements; and their effect on the device can be prevented as well.
  4. Another thing which could be causing printer problems with the setup could also be if the printer default settings have been changed. If the specific components on the printer and their settings have been changed, this would then ensure that the device has been altered depending on the needs of the user. Once you change the settings back to a default, this would then ensure that your printer is rebooted before you start to use it again.
  5. This would also prevent further printer concerns from arising, if you always reboot after you make important changes onto the device. another thing to bear in mind is to ensure you have a working internet connection for a long period of time. Especially when the printing exercise is to be done, have the network working properly without interruption.
  6. One must also ensure that the printer has been cleaned regularly because in a lot of cases even when there is enough ink on your device, the printer might still not print color or cause other kinds of printing issues. This could also wholly be due to lack of cleaning on the device as well. Make sure that you add the printer’s regular maintenance to the usual use of the device as well.
  7. Overall, if none of these options seem to work then you always have the option of making sure you opt for the printer’s customer care services and the plethora of options available in that department. Ranging from phone service, printer help provided by technicians and professionals who work with these problems.
  8. A lot of times there are discussing forums on the web platforms or the official website of the printer which help you in these cases as well.

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