, Everything you should know about a Google Knowledge Panel for an Artist

Everything you should know about a Google Knowledge Panel for an Artist

Do you see that description box on your right, every time you search something on the internet? Well, if you are wondering what that is, then you here is what you should know; it is called the Google Knowledge Panel. This is a great source of verification which is why you will always see the renowned and highly popular people having one under their name. In this post, you will get to know about how to get a Google knowledge panel for an artist through adapting different elements and benefits. So if this intrigues you, keep reading.

How to get recognized on Google?

Recognition on Google is an imperative part of getting verified as an artist in terms of the knowledge panel. If you want to know what path to choose, then keep reading.

Social Media Presence

If you have ever looked at the knowledge panel carefully, you must have assessed that the most prominent categories appear first. This section also mentions your social media handles. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube you have to highlight your availability on the internet through such mentions. And don’t you worry, because the link to these profiles will be authentic and real, despite having a bunch of fake and unofficial accounts on these social networks. In fact this is one of the greatest ways of letting the world know about the real sites through which they can reach out and communicate with you.


Being one of the 15 most visited sites, as per Alexa Wikipedia is the richest source of information that people all over the world use to enhance their learning and also to deliver and address the details they want to. Therefore, an artist should have a Wikipedia page for their expanded reputation, and high ranking on the search engine. It should be mindful that if one doesn’t have a page on this platform, your reputation as an artist may be affected. If you fall under this category then you should immediately head to Wikipedia page creation as they offer many other services among this.

Music Distribution

As an artist, you must also have your album or the songs that you have published. Since these are your resources, under your ownership you have all the rights to mention the links to your music on the Google knowledge panel. It is because this will highlight you on greater levels. There could be various platforms where your music is mentioned such as Amazon, Spotify and iTunes. These are some of the genuine ways to get showcased on the search engine, so make sure you fully adhere to it.

Earn Benefits with a Google Knowledge Panel for an Artist

Now that you know what you can include and cannot, it is time to be familiar with the benefits of a Google knowledge panel for artists.

Editing details

The biggest perk of owning a Google knowledge panel for yourself is that you get to modify details and other information according to your own self. You can always clarify ambiguities and support your content with facts and figures that will further boost your online traffic. However this is one thing to notify and that is that these edits can be verified and edited through Google account, so that it is clear that the alterations are being made through an authentic source. Similarly, you can add or subtract information; let’s say you have changed your Instagram handle because the previous one got changed, you can always edit the link.

Changing the name

Yes, you read the title right. You may also change your name if you want to on the Google knowledge panel. For instance, you have changed your band name or acquired a different name as an artist, you can always do it as long as you have the access to it.


At times images are mostly ignored however; they undoubtedly play a pivotal role in the overall Google Knowledge Panel for an artist. If you wish to fully edit, or add and remove pictures on the panel you can easily do it. But make sure to pick a captivating image that represents you as an artist in the best of ways.

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