, Intresting Facts About Coding That You Should Know

Intresting Facts About Coding That You Should Know

  • The first programmer in the world was a woman. Her name was Ada Lovelace and she worked on an analytical engine back in the 1,800’s.
  • Recent studies have shown that over 70% of coding jobs are in fields outside of technology.
  • The first computer virus was created in 1983.
  • The first computer game was created in 1961.
  • The word computer “bug” was inspired by a real bug. It was founded by Grace Hooper in 1947.
  • Nowadays, there are over 700 different programming languages. All experts recommend for kids to start with a visual editor and a blockly based programming language for them to learn in a smoother and easier way.
  • The first programming language  was called Fortran.
  • Almost any powered with electricity needs to be coded. Can you imagine?!
  • Since many programming languages share the same structure, it is easy for students to learn a new programming language once they have already mastered one before.
  • Computers run on binary code, which means that their software is written using only 1s and 0s.
  • Learning coding has benefits, such as problem-solving, computational thinking, analytical thinking, creative thinking, leadership-related skills, and even teamwork.
  • In the near future knowing how to code will be as necessary as knowing how to write is today. 

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