, WordPress Introduction

WordPress Introduction

Hey guys Hii,, If you wants to become WordPress Developer then this blog is very beneficial to you ,if you dont know anything about WordPress then in this blog , I have intoduced all the detail introduction about the WordPress , if you read all this whole blog then you will get proper understanding of WordPress

What is WordPress ?

WordPress is a free and open source Content Management System(CMS) framework. It is the most widely used CMS framework of recent time. Let us now have a brief discussion on what is CMS and what is wordpress !

WordPress is a content management system (WCM) i.e. it is a tool that organizes the whole process of creating, storing and showcasing web-content in an optimal way. WordPress started its journey as an improvement tool to enhance the regular typography of day to day writing. But it was taken as a blogging tool and as we reach the last quarter of this year WordPress stands strong as the most used WCM system used and that also not only in the blogging community.
WordPress is completely an open source tool and is still being updated very frequently. Like any other open source software, WordPress relies on its community.

How does WordPress work?

WordPress, like any other WCM system, is dynamically driven through the use of a database with multiple tables storing all the content information and the information required to specify the website structure. You must have the ability to create and utilize a database to use WordPress. The internal structure and database structure are one of the more advanced topics and will be resumed in later articles.

After learning about the WordPress the first thing that comes to our mind is that where to use it? What kind of website can I create using WordPress? So let’s move on to the section straight away.

When launched, WordPress was nothing but a typographic improvement, but as time passed and the community got stronger and WordPress was developed by contributors from all over the world, now WordPress is a robust system that can be used to create and manage any kind of website to keep it short. To showcase some examples lets look into the various implementations of WordPress already developed.

  • E-commerce Websites: WordPress is really great for E-Commerce websites because of its robust structure and ability to categorize contents. With the proper theme chosen to create an E-commerce website is considered to be one of the best options available.
  • Educational/Library Websites: One of the most important feature of WordPress is to manage and categorize documents or other assets, though not self-sustaining WordPress is good enough to create and run a Library Website. Using DMS implementation as well as WordPress one can surely develop Library Websites.
  • Personal Websites: Whether it’s a small website containing your portfolio or a daily blog. WordPress is undoubtedly one of the best platforms to showcase your talent as it has dedicated sections for the contents and overall easy experience.

This is all about the WordPress  Introduction , I hope so guys  you all have like this blog.

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