car rental in dubai, 3 Road Trips to Take from Dubai this summer

3 Road Trips to Take from Dubai this summer

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Dubai is a beautiful city with attractive venues, but there are more exciting places a little far from the city. The trip outside from the bustling life of the town is always delightful. Many areas near Dubai are more close to nature and Arab culture. The natural landscape, the cities with ancient traditions, the oasis, and deserts can grab your undivided attention and can make your summers more loveable. Here are three road trips for you to take in Dubai to make your summers exciting and adventuring:

car rental in dubai, 3 Road Trips to Take from Dubai this summer

1. Hatta, Dubai

Hatta village is 155km away from Dubai. It is a beautiful place to visit for the residents and the tourists. It’s a perfect spot for people who love adventures. It’s also great for family picnics. The place is quite aesthetic. Hatta has so many activities to offer as well, such as:

  • Biking
  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Kayaking

Hatta is a few degrees colder than Dubai. Many people, during their stay in the city, do visit Hatta village. It has astonishing scenery, a small river surrounded by mountains will capture your heart. It is an ideal spot for relaxation and to applaud nature.

How to reach Hatta Village?

Hatta is around one, and a half-hour drives away from Dubai. The road between Dubai to Hatta is filled with stunning views. The Hajjar mountains, the desert, and a small river will escalate the fun in your trip. Public transport buses can take you there, but it is tiring and time-consuming because 35 stops from the city to the village, so it’s better to have a car to drive up there. It’s ok if you don’t have your vehicle, you can always rent one. Dubai is famous for luxury car rental companies. You can rent a car of your choice and make this trip more amazing and comfortable. GMC Yukon is excellent for your trip to the village between mountains and desert. The car has the capacity to fit all of your luggage. This gigantic GMC has eight seats and has a stylish interior. So, pack up your picnic items and visit this beautiful village away from the city and enjoy nature.

car rental in dubai, 3 Road Trips to Take from Dubai this summer

2. Al-Ain City

Al-Ain is also known as a garden city. Dubai is known for dessert, but as soon as you hit the Al-Ain road, the greenery will astonish you. The forts, date and palm trees, oasis, and archeological garden will be there for your amusement. Al-Ain has the best water park, and it is the best place to visit in summer. Wadi Adventure water park is an excellent place for a family tour. There you can enjoy wakeboarding and surfing walls. They also have splash pools and swimming pools. The water park is at the bottom of the tallest peak of UAE, the Jabel-e-Hafeet Mountains. So, now you can imagine the mesmerizing view of the waterpark surrounded by the majestic mountain.

How to reach Al-Ain?

Al-Ain is 149 km away from Dubai. Driving there by car is the best option. You can also rent one from a car rental company. Here is a terrific suggestion for your incredible trip, Lexus LX570. This mighty car is one of its kind. The dynamic features, pleasant interior, and spacious luggage area make it a perfect choice for a road trip. Book your Lexus LX50 from a competitive Lexus car rental in Dubai and sign up for the most comfortable ride ever.

car rental in dubai, 3 Road Trips to Take from Dubai this summer

3. Ajman

Ajman is known as the tiniest city in the UAE yet the most attractive. It has many places to visit; it’s a perfect road trip away from Dubai. Its beaches, restaurants, resorts, and cafes are worthy of your visit. It has the essence of ancient Arab. The museums and forts there will take you back in time. The places to visit in Ajman are:

  • Ajman Beaches
  • Ajman National Museum
  • Umm Al-Quwain Fort and Museum
  • Ajman City Center
  • Al-Zorah District

Most of these sites are filled with the knowledge of ancient Arab culture. The fort, museum, beaches, and all of these places will be an absolute delight and an amusing factor in your trip.

How to reach Ajman?

As Ajman is 56 km away from Dubai, the best way to get there is by car. Car rental in Dubai can help you with a variety of vehicles for your journey. GMC will be an excellent pick for your trip to Ajman. GMC Yukon is a power-packed car for long road trips. The SUV is all set to take the sandy roads towards Ajman. So, rent a GMC in Dubai and explore its exquisite and exciting features.

car rental in dubai, 3 Road Trips to Take from Dubai this summer

Other than these road trips, you can go to Dibba, Al-Qudra, Liwa oasis, and many more spectacular venues to experience a lovely road trip. These trips will take your mind away from the busy and fast life of the city. These places are great for relaxation in the summers. Go ahead, book your favorite car, and dive into unlimited fun.

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