, Europe Tour Guide With Amazing Tourist Activities

Europe Tour Guide With Amazing Tourist Activities

, Europe Tour Guide With Amazing Tourist Activities

Europe is a travelers paradise and an essential element of every travel bug’s bucket list. If you are a wanderlust, then a trip to Europe must be on your radars. Looking for direct flights to Poland from USA or to any other part of Europe? Well, before booking direct flights to Germany from USA or to other parts of Europe you must consider doing a few things. And one of these is creating a travel itinerary. This itinerary includes a day-to-day list of things that you will do while touring around Europe.

Europe is a rich destination with hundreds of experiences a traveler must experience during his visit to the continent. And it is easy to feel overwhelmed with the richness of choices. If you are confused about how you should plan your holiday in Europe. And need a European tourist guide with amazing tourist activities, this article is the perfect place for you.

This is a European tour guide with amazing tourist attractions. That contains the top 11 fun activities to do in Europe that every traveler should experience at least once in their lives.

Let’s start our Europe tour guide with amazing tourist activities

Get delighted by the Northern Lights at Finnish Lapland

The most beautiful show hosted by mother nature, the northern lights are different colored light rays dancing around the sky. A marvelous phenomenon also now as Auroras, seeing northern lights is every traveler’s dream.

Want to know how much fun Santa has while sitting on a sleigh pulled by reindeers? At Finnish Lapland, you can have a joyous ride upon a frozen lake while riding a sleigh pulled by reindeers.

Take a gondola ride at the steep canals of Venice

The best part to visit a city on water, Venice is to take gondola or water taxis to tour around the city. The steep canals and tall buildings create an enchanting experience. If you are visiting Vence with your partner, taking a gondola ride during sunset is among the most romantic experiences.

Splurge in hot water at Budapest

The cozy and warm thermal baths at Budapest provide the best intimate experience. These spectacular thermal baths possess an interconnected network of steam rooms, saunas, and hot water springs with mineralized water.

Skiing on the slopes of the Italian Dolomites

Go on a skiing adventure on the paradise for skiing lovers, the Italian Dolomites. Spend your days skiing up on the mountain while your night at the gorgeous town situated at its foot. Meet people, drink beer, and share stories and experiences of life.

Hop from one island to another at Greece

It is always fun to follow a travel itinerary planned step by step. But the most amazing adventures and experiences are gathered while being purposefully lost. And the multiple islands in Greece are a perfect destination to be purposefully lost.

Follow the direction of the shores and walk along with them. Or take a bike ride along the island. Explore the unknown corners and the local cuisine. Taste the delightful sea dishes. And provide yourself ample time to relax and rejuvenate yourself.

Take walks encouraging the gorgeousness at Florence

A city enveloped with beautiful luscious greens, Florence has many gardens perfect for long walks. Take a long morning walk in the amazing Boboli gardens. Enjoy sightseeing while exploring the history of the city. Pay a visit to Bardini Gardens and fort Belvedere during the day. Grab a bite at a good place at noon. Visit the Saint Miniato AL Monte Church in the evening. And dine at a compact gorgeous restaurant at night.

Ride the London’s eye at London

Situated at the bank of the River Thames, riding the London’s eye is a must-have experience during your trip to Europe. The London Eye is a giant Ferris wheel offering the most picturesque views of the city. And provides the opportunity to see London with a fresh eye.

At night the place is decorated with pastel color lights. Making the whole scenery rich and beautiful. If you have a fear of rides, then a walk along the shores of the River Thames is also a great option.

Experience the enchanting Christmas markets in Prague

Although the whole of Europe gets beautifully decorated during Christmas, the Christmas markets in Prague have their aesthetic. Decorated with bright color lights, gorgeous Christmas trees, these markets are stuffed with people and joy during Christmas. Shop the pretty ice biscuits and chocolates from the small stalls and watching people wearing Christmas colors. These Christmas markets will fill joy in your heart.

Taste Churros at a 24-hour churros shop in Madrid

No matter at what time of the day you crave for churros the 24-hour churros shop at Madrid is always open for you. Many of these churros sellers are in business for decades and serves the best quality of churros around the globe.

Eat the freshly fried churros with a lot of chocolate dipping sauce to entertain your cravings. A great go-to snack whenever you feel a little hungry while exploring the city.

Enjoy a heavenly meal at Ariccia

Anon-tourist destination situated a 30-minute ride away from southern Rome, Ariccia is a hilltop village. The food presented in this village is authentic Italian food, the reason for the fame of Italian cuisine all over the world.

Visiting Rome during summer? Pay a visit to Ariccia and get served at the large community tables. Taste the fresh cheese, Porchetta, and white boar Bolognese.

Go surfing and eat pintxos at San Sebastian

The city is famous for its unique approach to pintxos. Thus here they are also known as the local tapas. And a must-grab and eat a thing while you visit San Sebastian. The best thing about these tapas is that you can have them filled up with whatever things you like. Just pay a visit to a local pintxos bar, order a pintxo stuffed with the seafood of your choice and eat with some beer to enjoy it at its best.

Surfing is a famous sport at the beaches of San Sebastian. You will find a lot of surfers playing joyfully in the waves of the sea. And joining them will be a great adventurous experience for you.

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