, Hiking at Rupin’s Pass from Himalayay!

Hiking at Rupin’s Pass from Himalayay!

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Rupin Pass is a tour of hiking through the Dhaula camps of Uttarakhand, and ends at the village of Sangra Village (Himachal Pradesh). Advanced sidewalks are lupid paths. All kilometers offer several views and looks. And all turns are incredible journey and meaning.

 Himalaya Garhwal is a valley of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh India’s Rupin Pass Trek in the Uttarkshea district. Himalayas will definitely have a wonderful elegance, a memorable environment and a desirable green desert.  So, what is the best of how many days is better? Is

 Rupin Pass Pass Trek Dhaula Base Camp?

 Dhaula is located near the end of Rupin pass trek. Dhaula is a beautiful camping. I am fascinated by the beauty of this place.  This place looks more beautiful for the RUPIN RIVER FLOW.

 It seems that we can be welcome to beautiful mountains. Beautiful views along Dhaula Road, such as the pine forest, flow, mountains, flora and animal.

 You felt the dawn of the great open Dhaula field and you will shine in the morning rain.

 After arriving at Dhaula Camp, I enjoy tea and sandwiches. 

 Leases, Jaka and Dodrakwire use a way to get the age of luggage.

 Dynamic Route Landscape Rupin

 Changing the route and the forest line, you can see the views of beautiful views, units of units without problems and the Lupine River. This place is a good view for you.

 Through a thick forest, you can walk a frozen waterfall flow from a snow glacier, and you can find a very large natural diversity to seduce you, I can do it.

 Rupin Pass is quite challenging, but the panorama is interesting and beautiful. 

 Pass Rupin and Kinnauri and Dodra Kwar From , you can see Wilderness, attractive village, snowy mountains, exotic fields and large rivers. There are several birds and animals in this place, and you can see culture and life in the regional community. The town of “Jhaka Village” is located at the end of the cliff of the mountain and offers beautiful views. Temple of Kinnaur, using several floors, explains an overview of the Kinnauri culture.

 Rupin Pass The best weather track

 The best time was covered with snow against Monsoon, so its escalation was difficult since the first week until last week of October. 

 We are a local team of Uttarakhand and we have a more experienced Himalayas Waitser team for 28 years.

 Rupin Pass Tracks Select the reason

 It is important to recognize the reason before selecting the RUPIN route before going to programming.

 Taxy Taxy Taxy Total and 64 km Walk, Total Distance will be said day in 8 days. Dhaula, Jakha, Sangla and Dehradun

 Pass Rupin is a high degree of 4650 meters high and 4650 meters . Therefore, this trip is not for beginners.

 Do you need appropriate clothes for temperatures below zero?

 As a panoramic view of Himalayas, he has seen so many empty, can overcome different pines, botanical and animal phases, culture of Himachali and Kinari heritage.

 I think it will take a free time and free time, and you will know some ancient stories about our myths of Chinese and local culture.

 Beautiful landscape of equipment rights and additional backup batteries. 

If the classic track is in India, you must have a RUPIN step walk. It’s like an orchestra, and every hour or more, surprise and surprise at the scene. All the steps pose new panoramas and open a new landscape. suddenly!

 It surprises me on your first day trekking. When you look at the RUPIN River, when you appear in the width of the bed about 20 minutes on the sidewalk. I have not stopped here.

 trail hangs the town and suddenly it falls into the forest of the interior pine! This is not everything. Then, the route and then the ice sheet, the snow bridge, the glacial valley, the snow field and hundreds of waterfalls!

 On this road, Rupin Rupin is incredibly the only constant that is absolutely remaining. The ruptured black waters follow the footprints to complement the landscape. Sometimes you hurry, sometimes it slides. 

 The famous autumn of three stages water is contaminated with the Roopin of the Glacier Valley. When you look at it from a distance, the waterfall seems to fall from the clouds!

 And this ends with the exciting power of the adventure tape. It is not surprising that one of the upper turtles go through the Lupine. That is a great experience! I mentioned, this is a difficult and a half trip. The landscape is almost 10 km per day and is quite complicated. Suddenly, lifted to the pronounced pending of the waterfall, and the waterfall that rises from the Ruplein River passed the sewer of 15,380 feet. Clever! Clever!

 Trucks to Himalayas Pass travel 7 days (operation, touch, hydrate). The Tour began with Uttatarakhand in the Duscnd long-distance residence and ended up in Himaharu Pradesh in the tranquility of Sangura. This is a very unique trip that is over in a country. This has just experienced a fairly difficult trip (details on this page). 


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