, Interesting Facts About Goechala Trek
Interesting Facts About Goechala Trek

Interesting Facts About Goechala Trek

Interesting Facts About Goechala Trek


If you want to enjoy the beautiful and fascinating view of the mountains and feel the adrenaline and the feeling of victory in yourself, Kanchenjunga and the other 14 is the perfect place for travelers and traveler enthusiasts (Getchara Trekking). The journey has already brought you closer to Nepal. This tour is known to travelers around the world for its stunning views, trails and thrilling experiences.

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How to get Getchara Trek:

Located in the mountains, you can travel by jeep or book an itinerary in NJP / Siliguri. You can take the train anywhere to the station closest to Yuxam.


You can enjoy the spectacular and peaceful east of the Kanchenjunga Mountains, feel the effects of the colorful fires, and it’s a comfort in itself.

Especially in April and May you can enjoy the view of the Shakunage Forest. You can see the beauty of the surrounding plants by seeing the vibrant shades of pink and red flowers during the walk.

You can discover another point of interest on the Getchara trek, Lake Samiti. You can see the mountain view. Pandim and the lake are fascinating experiences.


It should cover 90 km and reach 16,200 above sea level. It was a beautiful journey, but it was an absolute pleasure to see the beauty of the beautiful mountains and hills of the Himalayas, the jungle and the lush greenery and the surrounding flowers.

If you want a panoramic view of the beautiful mountains, you have to go hiking from October to November. Due to the sunny weather and the beautiful Himalayas, you can see the beautiful stars in the west in the middle. ..


People contact tents and other accommodations that people contact to complete this trip. On average, travelers and travelers have all the time they travel.

Not only the scenery, but also sightseeing and camping was fun, and it was an unforgettable experience.

Enjoy the exotic and breathtaking jungle at an altitude of 12,000 feet. Above the sky. However, if you prefer, you can head to Kangchenjunga camp once the hike is over.

You can see the changes in the beauty of the sky as you travel. You can discover mysterious trails, other trails and other places, and you can see many beautiful trails.

Advantages and Considerations:

It is a personal trekking experience so you should bring warm clothes and a good sports show.

Also bring slippers with lotion and moisturizer and extra socks to protect your skin from extreme weather.

Bring your own bottle of water, luggage, travel / food. You must wear glasses to protect your eyes from death.

You also carry certain AIDS and other AIDS, especially aspirin, while walking.

Enjoy lotions and lotions that cover your skin from high winds, cold and sunlight.

You need to use some basic medications with medical supplies and pesticides, as well as private toilets and toilets.


The highlight of this trip is a spectacular view of the mountains from an altitude of 15,100. Dozongri Peak not only overlooks Kanchenjunga, but also the other 16 high peaks of the Himalayas.

Climbing will take you to some of the coldest places in India! La Geocha La Trek is an exciting adventure to explore and experience nature with its simplicity.

Getchara spring hike

The beauty of this spring hike lies in particular in the appearance of the rhododendron which flowers in April. In spring, the dark forests of the Getchara Trail come to life in a variety of shades of pink and scarlet red.

The rhododendron starts from Bakim. When he reaches Tshoka, his density and variety will increase, after which it will be a unique pleasure.

The rhododendron area is the path from Tshoka (9,701 feet) to Phedan (12,083 feet). The rhododendrons are arranged side by side, creating a tunnel of rhododendrons walking under them. Sunlight spreads over the colorful flowers of the charger, adding a magical touch to your experience.

It was a great trip, but go here and explore beautiful destinationsh.

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