, Perfect Time to visit Kuari Pass

Perfect Time to visit Kuari Pass

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when a boy drew a good scene, there was a mountain with the sunrise behind it with two isolated mountains. We flew a bird and compensate a green wetland and a fluvial pathway and draw a river way that moves from the mountains and draw a wonderful sky. It was a spectacular landscape for all of us, but if they afflicted and showed a movie, the movies we had to see what we had to show that we had imagined. It did not happen. 

The winner of India’s leaf is to explore and announce the path of the marquee through the Kuari pass from Yosimas to Garhwal Himalayas. Kuari is like a circular theater at 4264 meters. Some peaks from Himalaya Stalwart take your location. Club of 7,000 meters: Camet (7,756 meters), Trishul (7,120 m), Chaukhamba (7,178 meters) and Nandadévi (7.817 million) (7434 million).

 The truly refreshing part of hiking is a unique experience with the beauty and tranquility of the Himalayas prairie through a luxurious Himalayas desert known in the local language as a “burned client”. Golsnebiar, which consists of a vast green meadow, is more pronounced. This trekking also works with a beautiful ski slope of Qualipas.

 TRAIL LE AT YOUR OTHER SMALL PATH-BINAYAK AND TALPT, ends at the top of the trail-13990 meters from Quaritop.  This trekking is not very difficult, and pays huge physical costs in some of the most beautiful views of the Himalayas Motown. This walk stands out from the perspective of the Massif de Nanda Devi. If you want to have fun, send the backpack and travel to Haridwar on a trip to Haridwar to Haridwar. The TTH team takes him to Kuari Pass Trek in the Carston lane, but he is seeing the most beautiful tourist attraction.

 Welcome, Kuari A journey through the road. At 12,500 meters on the sea surface, Qualipas is a spacious meeting of traveling to the blackboard from a wide range of mountain, stream, edge, forest, travel course. Kuari Pass has a meeting for life. All the complete perspectives in the rich green wetlands of the first day of Nanda Devi, who is snowing on the horizon, giving resistance to the entire trip, and the tour is different wetlands, rivers, rims, cracks, and progress through Riviere. This travel course thanks to heaven and gives you a sample of all-natural all natural offers in the mountains, thanks to a direct and simple trip, including a medium trip.

 Kuari Pass, which is perfect for visiting Kuari Pass Trek

Kuari Pass uses a Zasanny-Mountain, Nord, Valley, and the river to add that new brush hit to his new component. This is a reasonable trip to all the plans, leaving the storm on the side. Since this is a hybrid, it was considered a slow winter or early summer.

 There are few small snowfalls, and the most pleasant travel road is the spring season. The road will come to greatness with a natural shade with a lot of snow in the middle. During the spring, you can see a red red red flower in a live wetland or bustling shrubs, and the valley of the snow is located behind them. It flows through liquefied snow and pine, pine, oak, maple, birches, and when spring went on, they have another blow on your plate. 

 Nature itself also earns another life in spring. The sound of the birds in the forest is a snowy mountain on the back of the forest looking at a white race of sheep on the green grass and gives each voyager with harmony and harmony. At night, the bright sky in the dark and thick oak forest is the intense sense of its meaning and the delicate shine of the camp against natural tranquility.

 Kuari Pass Journeence A spring temperature

The most attractive camp, the highest temperature drop and the breeze, the cooler is very extreme, adding 13, adding to the three three three of Josimas, at least one camper and from 7 to 5 campus to the number. Despite the continuous and constant rise, it is very easy to adapt to change the temperature due to its low trend. The temperature setting and the consistent increase is an ideal walk for an additional amateur and explorer and everything is the same.

Similarly, operators and sharp pilgrims, the main cars, a great ambassador of the country, a great carazon, the excellence of the Himalagalwall area of 1905, respective, respective, and respected, and gave an alternative name for this trip. A walk begins with Auli. This focuses on its diagonal views and oblique perspective. This starts from the point of view of 8800 meters from the ocean level view and 7,800 meters above the seabed. Auli’s prospects for Nanda Devi can obtain an unmistakable scheme of the entire Nanda Devi mountain from the blue sky, and can directly reverse their wonderful position. 


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