, The world’s most awesome hotels

The world’s most awesome hotels

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Feel like a night caveman, or live an Eskimo in one of the most unique spots in the world during your holidays. If you’re looking for the unusual and have a few bucks to spare, you’ll pack your bags on Triphobo’s list of the world’s most beautiful Hotels!

These quirky hotels have been built with unbelievable vision and creativity, architecturally imaginative and beautifully offbeat. All hotels on our list are well-designed pieces of art that are not only impressive to understand but are also deserving of praise. They also provide unparalleled comfort and luxury. So now book these greatest hotels on earth.

  1. Attrap Reves, France

Only a whole new concept was getting to live in a bubble! The idea of Attrap Reeves involves you living in eco-friendly bubble-formed rooms in the middle of nature. Get the experience of camping in the wild without the crapy insects and bad weather. Moreover, they give you telescopes to uncover the mysteries of space from your own private paradise to make the most of the wonderful Milky Way which unveils its glory above you. This one is for the list of buckets!

  1. Whitepod Hotel, Switzerland

Feel like you live in this unbelievable-designed hotel in a true-life story. Live in a gown that is not only environmentally friendly but overlooks the most stunning views of the Whitepod Alps. The pods are generated in a geodetic manner, which means numerous triangles support them. Each pod is a suite and has its own water system and heating. You can take part in a variety of summer and winter events if you can find it in yourself to get out of this beautiful sanctuary.

  1. The Barin ski Resort, Iran

The architects of this strange resort, influenced by the sturdy Igloos, wanted to find in their design a fusion of nature and architecture. The Barin Ski Resort is almost camouflaged with the whiteness of the surroundings. The walls of the rooms show a mirage to be wrapped in snow from top to bottom. The views of the environment make the experience magical, not to mention.

  1. Hotel de Glace, Canada

You’d have a lot to applaud if you were staying at this one! This wonderful hotel is completely made of ice (including furniture, glazes, dishes, etc.). This hotel, carefully constructed and incredibly imaginative, has certainly set the benchmark for achieving the unthinkable. The temperature inside the hotel is -3 degrees Celsius and -5 Degrees Celsius and open only from January to March.

  1. Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland

It’s not getting romantic! Kakslauttanen provides glass igloos to enjoy the northern lights’ celestial rainbow. Imagine it, the fires keep you warm and you are comfortably cuddled in the arms of your beloved as the world is showing you! These two-person igloos have a bathroom and some even have showers. Before the world finds it, rush to this!

  1. Coorg Wilderness Resort, India

With all possible comforts and luxuries, the Coorg Wilderness Resort takes you into nature’s very heart. The unique chance to be part of the wilderness. The atmosphere is so warm and so cold and cozy, there is no need for air conditioning in the whole resort. Room amenities include LED TVs, laundry services, free Wi-Fi internet access, and a private balcony. Located in Virajpet, Main, Madikeri Rd, Main, Karnataka, Mysore. Mysore – Mysore. The resort offers a pool, a children’s playground, and a gym, as well as basic amenities. They provide meeting rooms, fax services, photocopying and banqueting facilities for marriages and events.

  1. Sala Silvermine, Sweden’s Mine Suite

Live on earth at the Sala Silvermine in Sweden Mine Suite. Situated 155 meters below the ground floor, this suite offers an experience once in life, surrounded by magical cavities and rolling galleries. The garish decor contrasts strongly with the simplicity of the setting. Speak of being deeply distressed!

  1. Montana Magica Lodge, Chile

Instead of lava, this bizarre volcano-formed hotel is a true sight to watch! Hidden in a reserve of 300,000 acres, this 13 bed, and breakfast can only be reached on foot. To enter their apartments, guests need to cross a swinging bridge! This beautiful land has many facilities in the room made of wood and products from a local source. Huilo Huilo’s biological reserve just adds to this place’s beauty and imagination.

  1. Hotel Everland, Switzerland

This marvel of one room saw the universe and how! This vagabond hotel has now come to an end after its journey through Yverdon, Leipzig, and Paris. But that doesn’t stop us from listing them in our magnificent hotels. This room was designed by artists with the intention of freedom of movement in place of the worldly hotel architecture. This room demonstrates playfulness. The hotel was located in amazing places overlooking majestic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower.

  1. Free Spirit Spheres, Canada

Three enigmatic spheres are found deep in Vancouver Forest, which seem to be kept up only by gravity. These living areas are beautifully designed and give guests a spiritual experience, where nature can be linked. You’re even going with the wind! This one gains complete imagination points in simplicity!

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