, Want to Relax? Here are the Top 7 Most Tranquil Places in Melbourne

Want to Relax? Here are the Top 7 Most Tranquil Places in Melbourne

Melbourne is definitely a magnet for activities. However, if you’re longing for escaping the noisy crowds, hustle and bustle then don’t worry because Melbourne is also the perfect place for that. This beautiful city in Australia has plenty of sanctuaries that will allow you to run away and relax. Some of these favourite picks of ours may actually surprise you.

Here are some of the best places in Melbourne that will transport you to a calming state of tranquillity: 

  1. Laugh at the Spleen Bar 
, Want to Relax? Here are the Top 7 Most Tranquil Places in Melbourne
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When it’s time to relax, you need to laugh off the stress. Get yourself some free live comedy! Entertain yourself at the Spleen Bar on Bourke Street’s which hosts some of the best comedians in Melbourne and beyond. If you and the family love comedy stand-ups, then this place is where you should be. It’s the main opportunity for well-recognized names to try new material. You’ll love it there as the quality of the place is consistent and has an electric atmosphere since the tickets clocking in at the outstanding price of free. 

  1. Have a wine tour and tasting at Victoria 

Explore the gourmet gems of the region on a directed wine tour and tasting happenings from Melbourne. Whether you want to travel by riding Australia’s oldest steam train, a classic car, or a hot air balloon, these knowledgeable tour guides will bring you in search of the most amazing wines Victoria has to give. Local wineries will have you learn their production methods and offer free samples of their products, gently match with a wide selection of chocolates or cheeses. You may also be given the opportunity to visit flourishing orchards, natural hot springs, and dairy farms. These type of tours usually last from 6 hours to 2 days but this will depend on what you prefer. 

  1. Stroll around Queen Vic Market and taste all the samples 
, Want to Relax? Here are the Top 7 Most Tranquil Places in Melbourne
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I’m sure that your flight to Melbourne is not cheap, so why not make the best out of your trip by trying all the free things you can get. In fact, one of the best things you can do in Melbourne is the free ones. Visit Queen Vic Market and you’ll be able to look through the sheds and discover all the awesome and tasty veg, meat, fruit, dairy, and small. If you’re even lucky enough, there may be several stands that hand out free samples! 

  1. Appreciate nature at Royal Botanic Gardens
, Want to Relax? Here are the Top 7 Most Tranquil Places in Melbourne
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Melbourne has always been lucky to have the Royal Botanic Gardens situated in the middle of the city. It’s very accessible, the gardens are perfect for strolling, do a picnic, and even a nice place to eat your lunch if your office is nearby. The gardens are so huge and you won’t have to forcibly face off with a person just to get a great spot of turf. You can sit down there for a quiet meditation session or you can practice your photography with the scenic Ornamental Lake.

  1. Read books at the State Library’s beautiful Dome Reading Room

The Dome Reading Room is one of the best attractions libraries in Melbourne and it has the most luxurious room in its library. If you like to read and have some personal quiet time, this is the place to do it. People who go here are studying, researching, examining old books, and widen their knowledge on anything they want whether it’s animals or history. 

And if you do go there, don’t forget to stop at the remarkable Ian Ian Potter Queen’s Hall, which was resumed in 2019 after it was closed off to the public for almost 15 years. There are regular free tours that will give you access to the library’s hidden spots. 

  1. Tour around ACMI’s free exhibitions 
, Want to Relax? Here are the Top 7 Most Tranquil Places in Melbourne
Photo by Broadsheet 

Of course, we can’t forget museums on our list. ACMI is much more than what you think it is. It is where you can find Australia’s largest moving image collection and the magnificent and jolly “The Story of the Moving Image” lifelong exhibition. But, they also have cinemas, educational spaces, student labs, a media preservation lab, and even a hospitality offering. Plus, the exciting part is, you can play free video games in the previously-mentioned exhibition but just remember to share, okay? 

  1. Take a Dip at Elwood Beach

Everybody loves the beach, of course. If you want some calming ocean views without the St. Kilda crowds then head to Elwood beach! Elwood beach is only 20 minutes away from the city, plus, it’s known for water sports like kitesurfing, parasailing, windsurfing, and with its strong southerlies the beach gives amazing breaks for surfing. They also have yoga classes if you want to get moving and feel relaxed. Don’t forget to try their BBQs and cafes! This place is definitely a place that will give you serenity. 

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