Many newlyweds dream of the perfect destination wedding but are put off by some of the challenges of asking friends and family for travel poses. Instead, they try to be “sensitive” and plan a local wedding that ultimately disappoints them. The thing you need to remember when thinking about the logistics of a destination wedding is that it’s your wedding day, one of the most important days in your life, and should you really be reasonable?

Nope! And you don’t require an explanation to get married abroad, either. Look for the best wedding planner services provider to get the job done. Here are ten reasons why you should get married abroad.

You don’t have to invite everyone you know

Have you always dreamed of a big wedding with hundreds of guests? If the idea fills you with dread instead of enthusiasm, getting married abroad is a great excuse to only invite your loved ones. If you are lucky enough to have a large circle of friends and family at home who would expect to be invited to your wedding, you can instantly reduce the number without offending anyone by simply having your wedding abroad.

If you’ve seriously considered running away (or almost, with just your immediate family), moving abroad is the perfect way to do it. Instead of a big wedding, have a private, romantic ceremony with just the two of you, or accompanied by a ridiculously small wedding party. At Mark and Jo’s wedding in Italy, they only took 7 guests with them. When planning your wedding abroad, you have the option of making it much more intimate, which is an extremely appealing proposition for those who want to skip the reception and just enjoy an amazing dinner with great local cuisine.

Ride on the honeymoon

If you don’t want to find yourself at home in the days after your wedding, feeling a sense of anti-climax until you finally leave for your honeymoon, having your ceremony abroad is a great way. to combine your wedding and honeymoon with a family vacation. There are hundreds of amazing private wedding venues that you can hire out and spend time away from your home life for a week or two (or three!).

This can be a great option if you have young children who you don’t want to be away from for too long, but also want to spend some one-on-one time with your new husband or wife; bring your mom and dad and park the kids with them (hey, they take a vacation with their grandkids, right?) and travel for a few days or a week while they stay somewhere else. Your children won’t feel left out and you won’t have to leave them for longer than you want.

The weather is better

When you organize your wedding abroad, you have a much better chance of having the perfect weather for your big day. While we have our share of warm, clear days in the summer, the UK weather is notoriously unpredictable, and you’ve probably passed someone getting married on the only rainy Saturday in July full of thirty-degree weather. They must be heartbroken! You can’t guarantee the weather anywhere, but southern France, Spain, Italy, and other southern European destinations are all fairly reliable. When it comes to the sun, one of my favorite places in Tuscany. During the long summer days, the place has the most beautiful sunsets and can go on for centuries just like at the wedding of Mark & ​​Megans in Borgo Corsignano.

The only option for a beach wedding

Let’s be honest; you would have to be a little crazy to have a beach wedding in the UK. There are some incredible images of couples on a windy beach in Cornwall, Scotland, or Ireland, but this is not a beach wedding. When you go abroad, you can have a real beach wedding experience with azure blue waters, golden sands, and photos later at night as the reception lights twinkle on the dark water behind you. . If you’ve spent hours looking at beach wedding photos on Pinterest, now is the time to make that dream come true and there are plenty of choices nearby in Europe and beyond.

You can get married in winter

Organizing your wedding in the UK from October to March (or even mid-April) can be quite unpleasant. It’s dark, cold, and it’s likely to rain windy or even snow. Not only will you have to shiver down the aisle without a coat, but you might even have to put up with some guests having trouble reaching the venue due to bad weather. Nobody needs this. If you want to get married as soon as possible or have an excuse to escape bad weather, your wedding is a great reason to get out of the country and have a long honeymoon.

You are also much less likely to see your marriage collide with other family events and vacations, and your family will be more than happy to follow you to another country for a break from the short and cold days.

It’s actually easier to organize

Why? Because most venues that host English-speaking parties have full wedding planning packages and will be more than happy to make sure everything goes the way you want it to when you arrive. A planning package like this takes so much stress out of your wedding that you will feel uncomfortable later when your friends complain about how stressful planning their own wedding is. It is a very good problem to have.

Ideal for global families

If your family is scattered around the world, it may be more convenient for everyone to meet in a beautiful location outside of the UK, and it may even be more affordable for them to do so. Fabiana & Adam’s families were split between Brazil and Australia. They, therefore, opted for a wedding at the Grand Hotel Timeo in Sicily. The perfect place for their families to meet. If you haven’t been to Taormina and are planning a destination wedding, I would check this place out for sure!

Your marriage will not be like everyone else’s

There are some amazing venues available here in the UK (I have photographed some of the best), but we can agree that without some serious creativity most English weddings are the same. They involve an old church, old mansion or converted barn, and often a marquee – all of this can be done extremely well but imagine having your wedding among the mountainous grandeur of Lake Como or in Tuscany. It is not the kind of wedding that all your friends have!

It is acceptable for guests to pay

One of the reasons we’re all happy to be invited to a wedding is the free food and (often) the open bar provided by the bride and groom. Many couples store the alcohol that they will serve months in advance so that they don’t have to drop that money all at once right before the wedding. While you will likely still be paying for food and drink for your overseas guests, you can also expect them to pay for their own tickets and board, if you wish. Coming back to our first point, it also means that you won’t have as many mouths to feed and therefore spend less on food and drink, and the venue can organize it all for you.

Your wedding photos

Imagine this (pun intended); you celebrated your gorgeous wedding in the sun, all your friends and family are saying how much fun it was, and you’re back home from your honeymoon with a perfect golden tan. When you look at the wall in your living room, hallway, dining room, or office, you see the most breathtaking images of memories that you can keep forever. They weren’t taken on a brooding day in an English town (as much as we love those towns), they are the photos of you and your loved ones on a beach in Sicily, in beautifully landscaped gardens in the south of France, or surrounded by hills in Tuscany. In short, they are perfect. In fact, as a wedding photographer who mainly shoots in the UK, going abroad gives me so much inspiration to take my award-winning wedding photos. New locations offer many new creative streams.

So, people who choose to get married in the sun abroad never regret choosing to do so, because the images they receive look like a fairy tale. As I said earlier, be careful when it comes to choosing a wedding and event planner. Go through the planner thoroughly, see the event planner portfolio to have a better understanding. Because this special day of yours should not be messed at all.

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